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A 7-Day At-Home Mind-Body Restore

A 7-Day At-Home Mind-Body Restore

A week of doctor-approved recipes, workouts, and self-care practices for better health from home.

Your health is in your hands.

While there is a lot of uncertainty in life right now, you still have control over how you show up for your health. This seven-day at-home plan is designed to give you exactly what you need for better physical health and emotional wellbeing, right now. You’ll get recipes from Thrive Market, online grocery shopping tips, a workout plan, and tools to build a gratitude practice.

Get Started

Whats Included:

Meal Plan

Seven days of healthy, nutrient-packed recipes from Thrive Market to keep you energized, full, and creative in the kitchen.

Fitness Routine

A week of workouts, planned out. Plus, a bodyweight workout that will become your new sculpting go-to.

Daily Tips

A daily email from our doctors and health coaches with nutrition and self-care tips you can starting using today.

Gratitude Journal

Daily journal prompts to help you process what you're feeling and develop gratitude.

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The doctor-recommended guidance you need to feel healthier from home.

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