A Holistic Guide to Autoimmune Disease

Learn from top holistic health providers how you can start taking control of your autoimmune condition today.

A revolutionary prescription for healing

Immunosuppressant drugs are just one route for autoimmune disease management. Parsley Health’s holistic approach tackles the inflammation that feeds autoimmune conditions, so you can avoid flares and live your life. Find out how Parsley helps thousands of members with autoimmune disease quell inflammation through nutrition, supplements, exercise, and other lifestyle recommendations.

What's Included

Understanding autoimmune disease

The real facts about autoimmunity, inflammation, and the root causes of autoimmune disease.

Getting a diagnosis

Common symptoms and types of autoimmune disease, plus the tests you need to get a proper diagnosis.

Healing nutrition and supplements

The top foods to eat—and what to avoid, plus, supplements that can help.

Tips to reduce inflammation

Lifestyle practices you can start immediately to help with symptom management.

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