Mental Health

Is everyone you know “so stressed?” While some amount of stress is good for us, finding that balance isn’t easy. Many Parsley Health members tell us they are burning out and are often unaware that their lifestyle and dietary habits are only exacerbating the problem. The top three causes of burnout that I see in my … Read More

Top 5 Brain Health Posts
Mental Health

This week is all about the brain! Brain Power: Food, Tech and Genomics starts tomorrow in Los Angeles and we’re preparing by sharing our top 5 posts on brain health. All week long, we’ll be bringing you livestream from the events, recipes, and informative articles so you can optimize your mental health and get your … Read More

Brain Health Week
Mental Health

Coming Soon… Next week Parsley Health is hosting Brain Power: Food, Tech and Genomics, a free, two-day summit on brain health in Los Angeles. Can’t make it to LA? Join us here on the Parsley Health blog and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for live streaming, event recaps and our favorite brain health articles. … Read More


Are you wondering what all the buzz of matcha is about? Matcha is literally the powdered version of the entire green tea leaf plant with up to 137 times MORE antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea. And on top of that, it boosts metabolism, calms the mind, relaxes the nervous system  (something coffee can’t brag to), enhances concentration, balances blood sugar, and … Read More

Mental Health

Meditation and sex might not be the two things you’d most naturally associate. One involves sitting alone in silence while the other is rather more active, often noisier, and ideally involves someone else. But sex is much more than just a physical activity. Your enjoyment of it has a huge amount to do with your … Read More

Dietary Changes

Making dietary or lifestyle changes, no matter how small, is never easy. When Parsley Health members start to make major changes to benefit their health—be it adding supplements or something more drastic like adopting a gluten-free diet, a common concern is how to address these changes with their family members or partner. When you make … Read More

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