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Woman Up! Taryn Toomey is More Than Magnificent.

Taryn Toomey is the master- mind, body and spirit – behind the trendy yoga boot camp workout The Class – aptly titled like it’s the original, the first, and the only guided group movement practice...

5 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

Your workout isn’t working for you because you’re working out too hard. There’s a common misconception amongst cardio-class devotees, running junkies, and bootcamp buffs that more = better. As a d...

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What We Pack: Your Healthiest Ever Beach Bag – From Clean Eating to Non-Toxic Sun Lotion

“Do you have any tips for clean eating at picnics and on beach days?” “How do you stay healthy on the weekend?” “What are your go-to clean eating snacks?” As Health Coaches at a high-tech holisti...

The 7 Reasons Why You’re Still Not Meditating Every Day, And How To Hack Them

At Parsley we prescribe meditation to almost every member as part of their treatment plan. This makes us radically different than any medical practice I have ever seen or heard of. We are doctors...

The 3-Step Method to Managing Emotional Binge Eating

If you’re overeating to soothe yourself from uncomfortable feelings, you’re committing ’emotional binge eating’. It’s a common human coping mechanism and not a reason to hate on yourself but instead...

5 Healthy Dinner Ideas To Get You Through The Week

‘Nutritious and delicious healthy dinner ideas’ is still one of our favorite word combinations of all time. It’s a subject we cannot get enough of or stop talking about. Sorry (significant others),...

Want to Heal Digestive Issues, Hormone Imbalances and Weight Gain with Ease? Find Your Automatic Body.

At Parsley I’ve been struck by how many people have shut down their automatic body- or in biological terminology, autonomic  nervous system – and how this disruption has led to weight gain, chronic...

Woman Up: Is Ksenia Avdulova’s Life The Real Life, Or Is It Just Fantasy?

When Ksenia Avdulova was a 10 year-old Russian kid living in Moscow she pinned a glossy magazine picture of New York City to her bedroom wall and day-dreamt of the concrete jungle whose lights would...

Trying to Get Pregnant? 5 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Fertility

Fertility is one of the top concerns for women today, whether they are in their 20s or 30s, or now even their 40s. According to the CDC, over 10 percent of American women have impaired fertility – t...

The 5 Health Foods and Home Remedies You Can Make Yourself

At Parsley we have a hit list of DIY home remedies and health products to share with our members. With a bit of prep and patience, being a healthy person is easier and cheaper than you think. Havin...

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