What to Expect During Your Year-Long Parsley Membership

Mekita Rivas
January 18, 2022

Healing takes time: Chronic health conditions don’t develop overnight, which means they can’t be fixed overnight, either. That's why memberships at Parsley are a year-long—our medical providers and health coaches spend the necessary time to truly get to know you and to figure out the root cause of your symptoms so they can effectively treat it.

We are able to achieve consistent, successful outcomes among our members—85% report a reduction in symptoms in the first year of care—because our clinical team is committed to investing in your health journey. By building long-term relationships with your provider and health coach, you will tap into an unmatched support system that’s dedicated to helping you feel better. “The key is that we do a very deep dive and cast a broad net,” says Parsley Health provider Dr. Julie Taw , MD, because “functional medicine is very personalized based on the conditions.”

Here’s what you can expect at every stage of your Parsley Health journey:

Start your Parsley journey

The first step you’ll take as a Parsley Health member is completing your in-depth medical questionnaires, which paint the full picture of your health history, symptoms, and lifestyle. These in-depth questions help us get to know you at a deeper level. You'll also get started with the Parsley Symptom Tracker, which is our system helping our members and their medical teams keep track of their progress over time. You'll continue to update it over the course of your membership.

Next, you’ll meet with your provider and health coach—otherwise known as your medical team. You'll also be assigned a care manager who will help answer your questions, schedule your appointments, keep track of your prescriptions, and help you with paperwork, insurance coverage, and more.

Your first medical visit will be 60 minutes; your first visit with your health coach will be 45 minutes. During these visits, your provider and health coach will follow up on your medical questionnaires to understand your health concerns and provide initial recommendations.

Get assessments and insights

At this stage, you will complete your provider-recommended blood work and any advanced specialty testing tailored to your symptoms and health goals. What makes Parsley Health different from other healthcare providers is that we can identify and address several chronic conditions at once. “Specialists do some of the testing we do, but you’d have to see a lot of different sub-specialists,” says Dr. Taw.

When you review the results with your provider and health coach, you’ll talk through their insights to identify the root cause of your symptoms. You’ll receive recommendations for how to heal with a personalized health plan, which will address any underlying conditions with the appropriate treatment protocols, including supplements and medication if needed. It will also have an action plan with recommendations for better nutrition, improved sleep, stress management, and integrating more healthy movement into your routine.

Follow your plan and track your progress

Now that you’ve got a plan in place, the next step is implementation. You’ll follow your provider and health coach's recommendations for nutrition, stress reduction, movement, and sleep optimization, as well as any supplements and medication needed to treat your conditions. You'll continue to track your progress through the Parsley Symptom Tracker, which allows you and your medical team to see your progress over time.

You will have eight additional annual appointments with your medical (four medical visits and four health coach visits). You can also stay in regular contact with your team through unlimited messaging on your My Parsley Health portal. As always, you can work with your medical team to reassess your plan and conduct additional testing as needed.

Get support and see results

Your provider and health coach will continue to monitor your progress and optimize other areas of your wellbeing. They can help you manage chronic stress and any barriers to maintaining your new healthy lifestyle habits.

This approach gets results. More than the 85% of Parsley members that have reported a reduction in their symptoms in the first year and the over 25% that are able to reduce their prescription medication, our members have peace of mind with a medical team on their side that’s committed to relieving their symptoms and helping them lead an overall healthier life.

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