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COVID-19 is an unprecedented medical crisis. Your immunity and health are our top priority. Our doctors are available online nationwide.

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Introducing Holistic Primary Care

Parsley Health goes beyond a traditional doctor - yes, we help with acute cold and flu, write prescriptions and refer you to specialists. But we go a level deeper by assessing your health risk factors, managing chronic illness, and creating a plan for your mental health, sleep, nutrition, fitness and supplements.

How It Works
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We get to know you as a person.

Our patients resolve chronic conditions ranging from infertility and high blood pressure to migraines and anxiety. Our data shows we help reduce the need for chronic medications by 66%.

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I'd seen every possible doctor and healer and always left frustrated, with yet another pill. Before Parsley Health, no one took the time to listen to me, do deeper testing, or get to the root cause of my symptoms. Now, not only do I have a solution, I feel more vibrant and alive than ever.



Holistic primary care.

FSA & HSA eligible.

Build your health profile.

Share your entire health story: genetic profile, diet, mental health, family and social history.

Meet your doctors.

Our board-certified physicians and coaches spend 5x longer with patients in-person and online.

Advanced diagnostic testing.

Our doctors build a complete picture by testing over 1,000 biomarkers, from blood type to biome.

Ongoing collaboration.

Log into MyParsley for 24/7 access and unlimited messaging with your team of doctors and coaches.

Personalized health plan.

From eating and exercise to sleep and supplements, we make a tailored plan for you.

See real results.

We track your progress to ensure you not only meet but exceed your goals.


60% of adults have at least one chronic condition—the majority of which are modifiable or reversible.

The Centers for Disease Control

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Message your doctor, book appointments, or meet on-the-go with a video call using our online portal.

How it works

Healthy at home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing all members through virtual appointments. Our centers in NY, LA and SF are accepting in-person memberships – you can start with us online and continue your membership at a center in the future.

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“To get a feel for the Parsley Health experience, take the most depressing stereotypes you have about going to the doctor…and flip them.”

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