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Introduction to Parsley Health.

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Made for you, with love.

Today medicine is failing us with temporary fixes to complex long-term problems—from medications to specialists. We too were tired of being pushed through the revolving doors of health care so we created Parsley Health.

“It truly is different, the way they work to prevent illness and disease through diet and wellness instead of once a patient is sick.”
“Having access to my medical labs, tests, and notes in one place makes managing my health much easier than ever before.”
“I have found a doctor who will work tirelessly to get down to the root cause of my headaches and make a plan just for me.”
“They use tremendous knowledge in Eastern and Western Medicine to create an individualized lifestyle plan for each patient.”
“I eat with intention now, to stay alert and energized, and exercise with more energy because of how well my body is functioning.”

Much more than a check up.

As a Parsley Health member you receive full primary care with unprecedented collaboration with your doctor and health team. Together we build a 360º view of your health and create a long-term plan that’s just for you.

50 min
Avg. Parsley visit
15 min
Avg. doctor visit

NY New York City

LA Los Angeles

SF San Francisco

Located in 3 cities, and growing fast.

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Focused on you, not insurers.

Our care is direct to you, offering the best flexibility and control. Even better, membership can often be paid with your FSA/HSA and our tests are covered by most insurers.

Your health, your way.

Parsley Assessment

For people looking for a one-time 360º evaluation and a personalized 7-part health plan for living healthier.

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Complete Care

For people who want continuous care; a holistic approach, smarter diagnostics, and an always-there partner in health.

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