Metabolic and Heart Health

Why your heart health matters.

Your heart plays a critical role in your overall health. Get a personalized, clinician-led plan to manage symptoms like high blood pressure, and avoid conditions like diabetes and stroke in the future.

Poor metabolic health isn’t always obvious—the symptoms are often silent.


of American adults are not in optimal metabolic health.

2009-2016 study from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The five pillars of metabolic health.

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Anti-inflammatory diet

We prescribe a personalized nutrition plan to balance your blood sugar levels and include whole, nutrient-rich foods in your diet. When needed, we’ll recommend specific therapeutic nutrition protocols targeted to your unique metabolic health concerns.

Regular movement
Stress reduction
High-quality sleep
Medication when needed

Improve your metabolic health with a team that understands you.

We look at your health history from every angle.

Our clinicians take the time to learn about you, in person or virtually, with an in-depth assessment to understand how your health history, genetics, and lifestyle affect your metabolic health.

We run advanced diagnostic testing.

We recommend diagnostic tests to determine your overall metabolic health, assessing your blood pressure, inflammatory markers, and insulin levels to get a whole-body snapshot of your health.

We prescribe holistic, personalized plans.

Designed to treat your unique symptoms and conditions, the plan your clinician and health coach create for you has everything you need to optimize your nutrition, increase movement, improve sleep quality, and manage stress.

“For the first time someone was explaining to me what was happening and giving me the tools to actually change the picture for myself. My life has been upgraded ... my energy is back. My vitality is back.”


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Improve your metabolic health naturally

Stress-free online holistic care.

You can meet with your Parsley clinician and health coach via video call, while the My Parsley Health portal keeps you connected to your care team. Easily ask questions, schedule appointments, and manage prescriptions from anywhere.