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Ongoing medical care designed to manage and resolve persistent concerns, helping you achieve your best possible health.

12 months of care
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Focused care designed to improve your biggest health concern and transform how you feel in a shorter period of time.

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Advanced testing available
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See for yourself how our holistic medicine can transform your health. Exprience our approach online for three weeks, meet your Care Team, and make a plan to get healthy. No commitments, no fees, cancel anytime.

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Care Team

Your doctor, health coach and care manager work together as a team to treat you holistically and provide continuous support.


In-depth doctor and health coach visits let us get to know you inside and out and personalize your care. All visits are included in your membership.

Unlimited messaging

Your Care Team is always here for you: connect with them anytime through your Parsley member dashboard.

Personalized health plan

Your unique health plan covers nutrition, movement, sleep and more to help you achieve your health goals and is customized throughout your care.

Ongoing support

Your team is by your side throughout your health journey to answer any questions, give recommendations and support you as you heal.

Membership perks

Enjoy preferred pricing on offers from our health and wellness partners, including healthy eating options, fitness classes, and more. See perks.
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Designed for a healthier you.


Highly trained doctors

Our licensed and accredited doctors have extensive training in functional medicine, nutrition, and advanced testing, and are available nationwide.

Clinically proven holistic medicine

We combine functional and conventional medicine with personalized care to look at your whole body and treat your symptoms from every angle.

The advanced testing you need

We offer comprehensive bloodwork and in-depth specialty tests. We advise on what tests are right for you, so you can get to the root of your symptoms and start healing.

What about insurance?

We’re here to help you make the most of your benefits.

Team support
Your care manager helps you have informed conversations with your provider and assists in any paperwork you submit.
You can use FSA/HSA dollars to pay for membership fees, tests, and supplements.
Covering your membership
Many members get up to 70% of their membership fee reimbursed as out-of-network medical care.

Frequently asked questions

What's included in the membership?

The membership plan gives you the support you need to track and improve your symptoms over time. Work with one of our certified health coaches via video visits and unlimited messaging to make the changes in your personalized plan. From there, repeat your test at 6 months and see how you’re doing while tracking your progress to goal.

Is the cost for advanced testing included in my membership?

While costs for blood work, specialty tests, and supplements are not included in the membership price, blood work can usually be covered by insurance. Please call your insurance company before completing blood work to understand your coverage, so that you’re not surprised by any unexpected costs. Specialty tests range in cost from $100 - $350. All testing, however, is completely optional. We’re here to help answer your questions along the way!

Can I get prescriptions filled in this visit?

If medically appropriate, we can prescribe medications for acute issues (e.g. antibiotics) but we won’t be able to provide refills or management for chronic medications that need management by your primary care provider or specialist (thyroid, cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure etc.). That being said, we can provide education on these if they are impacting the issue we’re discussing. We will not prescribe any controlled prescription (such as opiates, sleeping pills, or anxiety medications). If you choose to join as a Parsley member after your Parsley Check-Up, we can assess your need for further testing and long-term prescriptions then. See here to learn more about our Complete Care membership!

Can I sign up from anywhere?

Our membership options are available as online plans, where we can see you via secure video platform in 35+ states and we also have in-person availability at our LA and NYC Centers. Please message us at if you have any questions!

What is included in the Free trial?

With the Free Trial you'll be able to:

  • Talk with your personal Care Manager about the entire Parsley process and ask any questions.
  • Discuss your top health concern with a Health Coach. They’ll address symptoms and areas we’ll focus on.
  • Receive your initial health plan starting with a few lifestyle recommendations.

How do I cancel the free trial?

We’ll send you a reminder email 3 days before your trial period is over. Your credit card won’t be charged until the end of your third week. Message your Care Manager anytime to cancel your trial.

How does advanced testing work?

For advanced testing done through blood work, we'll use a lab local to you! Your Parsley team will order the necessary labs and you'll be able to review the results with your provider, and directly view them in your MyParsley account as well.

For advanced testing done outside of blood work, like a microbiome stool test, or in-depth hormone test - these will be 'take home' kits.  Your Parsley team will ship these directly to your home, you'll ship them back out to the lab and then you’ll be able to review the results with your team!

We're here to help each step of the way to make sure you understand the process for each test and costs associated.

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