Parsley Health Cured My Stomach Pain and Gave Me a New Outlook On Life

Parsley Health
April 11, 2017

Once a week we hear from real Parsley Health  members, in their own words, about how working with Parsley Health  has changed their lives. This week we’re talking to David who came to us with gastrointestinal problems that other doctors just couldn’t figure out. This is his story:

I have struggled with gastrointestinal (GI) issues for 5 to 7 years. I had a range of symptoms from stomach pain to constipation. None of the GI doctors I saw could find anything wrong with me. They all recommended one food allergy test after another, which all came back negative.

My sister-in-law in New York recently recommended Parsley Health to me after Parsley Health’s  doctors and health coaches completely eliminated her own stomach pain problems.

I am usually skeptical of medical concierge services that sell their own proprietary medicines, pills, vitamin powders, etc, but I was beaten down by my GI issues and willing to try anything for relief.

Dr. Tiffany Lester at Parsley carefully diagnosed me with leaky gut syndrome. She put me on various pills and powders to rebuild my stomach lining. Dr. Lester and my Health Coach Samara Zelniker at Parsley Health also recommended various lifestyle improvements. These included eliminating sugar, taking magnesium powder at night to go to sleep faster and to relieve constipation, as well as practicing yoga to reduce stress, etc.

After approximately four months in the Parsley Health system, I have a whole new relationship with food and zero stomach pain.

I only crave clean foods. I eat for fuel rather than for entertainment and I very rarely over-eat. I have lost any real desire for sugar. It feels like my taste buds have become more aware and appreciative of different flavors. I sleep more soundly. My general attitude, outlook on life and temperament have all improved.

In sum, Parsley Health is an example of where medicine is headed in my opinion. Not only is it a wellness provider but is also an educator. They help you take responsibility for your own health in order to get results, as opposed to traditional western medicine which tends to treat symptoms rather than causes.

Parsley Health

At Parsley Health, we offer advanced functional medicine, diagnostic testing, whole body treatments and a lasting relationship designed to address the root cause of many modern ailments.

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