Dara Kennedy Ayla Beauty
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Dara Kennedy knew that she wanted to start a beauty-related business since she was eight-years old and tried to make and sell her first skincare product (morning dew, packaged in jam jars that she found in her family’s kitchen). She’s been a beauty junkie ever since. Now she’s living that dream as the founder and chief curator of … Read More

Parsley Health Blog
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Our health coaches are one of the things that sets Parsley Health apart from other medical practices. We know that working with a health coach helps our patients both set and reach their goals. This week, coach Samara Zelniker reveals her go-to superfood.  My clients at Parsley Health are always asking me for great breakfast options that will … Read More

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  It’s no secret that CAP Beauty is our go-to spot for all things natural beauty. Located in the West Village, CAP Beauty’s shelves are lined with 100% natural products (meaning you can truly relax at their spa knowing their facials and massages are free of synthetic chemicals)! We believe so deeply in their philosophy … Read More


What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your mouth. Seriously! The skin absorbs most of what it comes in contact with, and anything that permeates the skin gets delivered straight into the bloodstream. So you can imagine what years of slathering on skin care products with chemical … Read More

Skin | Wellness

At Parsley here in NYC we are pretty much DONE with winter – if you live here you know what we’re talking about. And this means that a lot of our members are coming in with the winter blues, dry skin and bleary eyes from staring at the JetBlue flight path. Here are 5 ways … Read More

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