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8 Ways to Combat Low Energy and Mental Fatigue

For most of us, it’s been quite a harrowing year, and maybe the hits are still coming. With so many changes and tough situations to traverse, it’s understandable if you’re feeling full-on tired and...

Health Writer
Why Your Sleep Routine Needs A Power Hour (And How to Make It Happen)

Good news if getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle for you: Re-evaluating your bedtime routine—not just what you do the first thing you wake up—could make a big difference in how you start...

8 Healthy Sleep Habits You Need to Adopt For Better Overall Wellness

Sleep is such a fixture in our everyday lives that it can easily slip down on our list of priorities. But, according to health experts, healthy sleep habits deserve a fixed spot at number one. “Sle...

5 Health Myths Debunked, From Diet Fads to Exercise

There are many trends, fads, and popular diets that we try in the name of better health. Whether you find these health myths online, on social media, or hear about the latest fad from your best frie...

10 Things That Are Nice to Have But You Don’t Need to Be Healthy

It’s a new year—the perfect opportunity to have a fresh start with your diet and lifestyle. But in the midst of a pandemic, this year is anything but normal. You might be thinking more closely about...

11 Parsley-Approved Must-Haves to Start 2021 Off Well

Ready to turn the page on your healthiest year ever? These products and services can help. As we round the corner to January, it’s no surprise that goal-setting messages are all around us, and for...

Sara Angle
5 Things I’ve Learned About Creating Lasting Habits After Coaching Over 500 People

If you feel like your attempts to make healthy changes in your life keep falling short, you're not alone. Here, Parsley health coach Kelly Johnston shares her top tips for creating healthy habits th...

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Creating Lasting Habits After Coaching Over 500 People
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