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5 Ways to Drink Less Alcohol During the Holidays

On a mission to moderate your alcohol intake this holiday season? You’re not alone. More people are thinking about how drinking affects their bodies and brains , and many are beginning to cut bac...

Mekita Rivas
Why Do I Get Night Sweats and How Can I Stop Them?

Night sweats are common in women of all ages—here’s what could be causing them. Does waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, drenched with damp sheets and pjs sound all too familiar?...

The Definitive Guide to the Healthiest Alcohols

Trying to understand scientific research on alcohol and drinking too much alcohol have one thing in common: they can both make your head spin. One day you hear that moderate consumption of red win...

3 Low-Sugar Holiday Cocktail Recipes You’ll Want to Sip All Season

‘Tis the season for booze filled parties and holiday hangovers. Avoid the hangovers and health risks by mixing up these low-sugar cocktail recipes. When it comes to drinking, Parsley Health’s docto...

Sara Angle
Taking A Break From Alcohol? 5 Tips To Help You Succeed

Drinking alcoholic beverages has become synonymous with being social, relaxing, and having fun. It can be hard to resist that allure, but a no-alcohol challenge can improve your health—plus, it’s no...

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