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How Parsley Health Helped Treat My Asthma Where Other Doctors Failed

I came to Parsley Health two years ago on the recommendation of a friend who said it could help me change my diet in order to control my asthma and allergies.

Once a week we’ll hear from real Parsley Health members, in their own words, about how working with Parsley Health has changed their lives. This week we’re talking to Elizabeth, a 46-year old competitive athlete.

As a competitive athlete, I was constantly limited by my lungs that wouldn’t allow me to push to my max. I regularly doubled over in a coughing fit just walking down the street. It was embarrassing. My personal life also suffered. If I talked too long or too loud, I would be struck by a coughing fit that I couldn’t recover from. I speak professionally for a living and sometimes it was hard to talk when I couldn’t catch my breath.I remember calling my mother in tears and asking her: “Do you know how hard it is to know what you are going to die from and not be able to do anything about it?”

At one point I was told by my doctor that I would die from choking to death on my own mucus. At the time I started with Parsley, I was on 14 medications a day. After talking through my problems with my Parsley Health doctor they recommended a battery of tests. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and discovered that most of my asthma and allergy problems were actually brought on by foods I was eating.

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I always ate a solid amount of really healthy food and have never had a weight problem. I didn’t think my diet was a problem. As an athlete, though, I supplemented heavily with training foods that were sugar-based and would supplement my diet with more Greek yogurt, ice cream, or sugary treats as my calorie needs were significant when training for marathons and Ironman races.

The doctors at Parsley Health helped me figure out that even though I never had a weight problem or GI issues, all of the sugar and dairy were causing me other problems. By cutting out sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol, and nightshades, I went from 14 medications per day to 1 medication every day.


I have not used my emergency inhaler in over a year and a half and have not used any inhalers at all for 11 months now. Other doctors just kept giving me more drugs and steroids. Parsley Health helped me learn that changing my diet could change my life.

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