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5 Health Myths Debunked, From Diet Fads to Exercise

There are many trends, fads, and popular diets that we try in the name of better health. Whether you find these health myths online, on social media, or hear about the latest fad from your best frie...

Mercey Livingston
6 Hormones You Can Balance Using Exercise

Like a conductor of an orchestra, your hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. They are responsible for orchestrating a variety of bodily functions, including getting a good night’s sleep and...

How to Optimize Your Workout Routine for Better Mental Health

The link between exercise and mental health has long been established, and as research uncovers more about this relationship, we’re finding that there are certain ways workout habits can be adjusted...

Working Out While Fasting? Read This to Get the Biggest Benefit

Many forms of fasting have become popular in recent years due to research supporting its potential benefits for metabolic health . Some people skip food and drink for a certain number of hours á la...

This Cellular Process Is The Key to Healthy Aging

You may have heard the term “autophagy” before, maybe in the context of intermittent fasting, sleep , or exercise. But what is autophagy, really? And how do we make sure our body is performing this...

Try Hiking in Los Angeles on These Scenic Trails

Hiking in Los Angeles is all about finding that perfect combination of getting out into nature without ever really leaving the city. These picks do it all. Hiking is one of the best ways to exercis...

Is Too Much Exercise Bad for Your Gut?

You may not think about keeping your digestive system on track—but a healthy gut allows you to maintain effective workouts, eat delicious foods, and reduce stress throughout your body. Some research...

The Absolute Best Workout To Get Ready For Summer

It’s that time of year again. Time to shed the winter layers, unpack your bathing suits and revamp your summer workout. “The best plan to lose weight and get fit for summer is two-fold. The first p...

Collagen Protein: How And Why You Should Include It In Your Diet

Collagen has recently become the darling of the protein powder world, and for good reason. It has numerous benefits ranging from healing the gut to glowing skin. At Parsley Health we have been...

What You Need to Know about Yoga in the First Trimester

First of all, congratulations and big smiles all around! This is such an amazing and tender time that is filled with excitement. Whether you are new to yoga or an avid practitioner, your body is dyn...

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