Brain Power: How Your Food, Your Phone and Your Genes are Affecting Your Brain

Parsley Health
July 19, 2017

Yesterday we kicked off our Brain Power summit with an expert panel on brain health led by James Maskell, Founder of The Functional Forum . On the panel were our LA Medical Director Jeffrey Egler, MD , Dana James, CNS and Founder of Food Coach NYC & LA , Darshan Shah, MD of Next Health , and Amy Budden of Connect the Mind and Unplug Meditation.  Attendees learned everything from how to eat for brain health, causes of cognitive decline, the physical and psychological impact of meditation , and the power of prioritizing yourself.

Not able to attend? Watch the panel in full below!

Brain Power: How Your Food, Your Phone and Your Genes are Affecting Your Brain


Coming tomorrow… A brain-boosting recipe from Lily Kunin !

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