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What Doctors Want Moms to Know About Self-Care

For any mom in 2021, taking care of yourself is nothing short of a radical act. But making your health a priority must take precedent—and if the pandemic taught us anything , it’s to be more inte...

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3 Reasons Why Naps Deserve a Spot in Your Self-Care Routine

While working from home can have its challenges, we’ve also collectively learned many of the perks. Chief among them: the ability to faceplant on your bed or couch and take a nap midday if you need...

How You Can Use Self-care to Fight Stress, Anxiety, and Social Injustice

Often mistakenly associated with spa treatments, self-care is an essential health practice that can take many forms. “I think of it as a healing aspect and something that we can do ourselves without...

How to Maintain Some Sense of Normalcy Right Now—And Why It’s Important

In the span of a few months, life across the globe has been turned upside down—and everyone is affected. So many of our daily routines have been eliminated, while new ones (like meetings over Zoom...

How Parsley Health Gave Me My Confidence Back

24-year-old KeriAnn was passionate about health after majoring in Dietetics, but still found herself struggling to find a doctor that made her feel validated and listened to—until she learned about...

Self-Care Tips from a Health Coach for a Happy, Healthy Life

In the era of ‘treat yo’self’, focusing on nourishing yourself is a radical act of self-care. These self-care tips will help you achieve a healthier, calmer you. Self-care is everywhere you look, w...

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