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10 TikTok Health Trends Worth Trying—and Avoiding

TikTok isn’t just filled with choreography challenges and recipe fails. If you’ve spent more time than you’d like to admit scrolling through video after video, odds are that you’ve probably stumbled...

Mekita Rivas
Kickstart Gut Health with a Low-FODMAP Diet (Starting with These Green Falafel Balls)

You’ve heard it here before, but it’s worth saying again: A healthy gut is critical to overall health. When your digestive system isn’t working properly it can affect all other systems in your bod...

What Your Metabolic Health Says About You (Hint: It’s More Important Than You May Think)

When it comes to being healthy, metabolic health is a big piece of the puzzle. Read on to learn more about it—and how you can optimize your metabolic health for a longer, healthier life. Metabolic...

The Top 5 Foods That Cause Inflammation—And Why to Avoid Them

Skin rashes. Depression. Headaches. The trickle effect of chronic inflammation symptoms can pop up in many ways, but the foods we consume on a daily basis can make all the difference in managing i...

Want Healthy Cholesterol Levels? Here's the Nutrient You Need.

High cholesterol is one of the most prevalent risk factors for heart disease—but with a healthy lifestyle, it’s also one of the most preventable. While it may seem overwhelming to try to bring dow...

Think You’re Doomed By Genetics? Here’s Why You Have More Control Than You Think

Discovering you have certain genes that predispose you to life-changing conditions—such as diabetes, dementia, or cancer—can make you feel like you have no control over your future health. However,...

This Power-Carb Should Definitely Be on Your Plate

Are potatoes healthy? In defense of the mighty spud, here’s our case for why you should be incorporating more potatoes into your diet. Here’s a fun fact: a potato is a vegetable. But, somewhere alo...

Carly Graf
The Trending Diet Our Doctors Love

Move over keto, the pegan diet is here—and we hope it’s here to stay. Unlike most fad diets, the pegan diet ties together the scientifically researched strengths from two of the most popular dietary...

13 Genius Tips for Eating Healthy on A Budget

Cleaning up your diet? There is a misconception that eating healthy is expensive, but there are actually many ways to save on high quality, whole foods. Here’s how to eat healthy on a budget. When...

Ten Foods to Boost Your Immune System

From fighting off the common cold to preventing long term illness, a strong immune system is an integral part of of your health. That’s why these ten immune-boosting foods should be on your plate....

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