5 Healthy Snacks That Won’t Mess With Your Blood Sugar

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April 17, 2016

We have good news about eating healthier—You don’t have to give up all of the foods you love.

The secret to keeping them in your life is by “health-ifying” them. Meaning: you replace the blood sugar-surging, inflammatory-causing ingredients with ones the stabilize energy and keep your body functioning at its best. Here at Parsley Health, we know that the occasional sweet treat is a necessity.
We’ve compiled a list of healthier versions that combine two essential elements: protein + healthy fat.

Black Bean Brownies

Not only are these gluten and dairy free, but the secret ingredient–black beans!–packs a high protein and fiber punch. Plus, there’s a healthy dose of coconut oil. Both allow the slow release of of sugar into your blood stream. Get the recipe .

Turmeric Milk Shake

Getting more turmeric into your diet is always a good idea because it’s an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. The perfect way to get a regular dose is through this delicious shake recipe by Nutrition Stripped. It’s loaded with protein and fiber–chia seeds and healthy fat–almond butter. Get the recipe .

Coconut Cashew Energy Balls

The perfect snack to pack when you’re on the go or just need to satisfy a sweet craving. Cashews are full of powerful nutrients like magnesium and copper, not to mention fiber  and protein. And coconut rounds the whole recipe out with a healthy dose of fat. Get the recipe .

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Featuring Parsley’s Rebuild protein powder, this smoothie is the healthy equivalent of Dr. Berzin’s favorite dessert, Pumpkin Pie. Not only does it have 26 grams of protein, but the combination of pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, coconut butter fills it with a broad spectrum of nutrients that will keep you feeling energized all day long. Get the recipe .

Vanilla Chia Seed Almond Pudding

The easiest treat to make for yourself in just 5 minutes with only 7 ingredients. Chia seeds are high in omega-3’s , loaded with fiber, and contain a decent amount of protein–they definitely live up to their superfood status. Combined with almond milk and sliced almonds, it’s the perfect blend of healthy fat. Get the recipe .

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