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April 4, 2019

Jill knew what she needed to do to start managing her health better, but actually doing it was another story. Parsley Health gave her the support she needed to start achieving her health goals.

Parsley Health member Jill Shapiro shares how Parsley Health uncovered what had been holding her back from truly being the healthiest she could be.

As a certified health coach with IIN, I have the knowledge, background, and training in lifestyle changes and nutritional therapy but I still wasn’t at the point where I was taking care of myself. While I felt like I knew everything I should be doing, I wasn’t actually implementing it. So when I found Parsley Health through Instagram, it just sounded like something I needed. I also moved at the same time, from New York to DC last March. I was like “you know what, now is the time to take care of my health.”

With the help of Parsley, diving deep and having a health coach, and having extensive blood work every few months or so has really helped me stay accountable and understand my body better.

The support to succeed

The blood work was really interesting to me and I love how deep the testing goes. I was surprised to find that there were a lot of things I needed to work on. I was anemic, my vitamin D levels were really low, and there were a few other things going on. My doctor caught some irregularities with my thyroid levels and I was able to reverse a potential thyroid issue before it actually happened.

I was dealing with anxiety and some digestion issues when I first came to Parsley Health. I also got sick a lot the year before and was stressed out at work. I didn’t realize how much my diet was affecting the way I was feeling, and my blood work showed that I really needed to reduce the inflammation in my system.

My health coach suggested doing a Whole 30 diet, removing everything inflammatory and also cutting out caffeine.

My boyfriend and I started doing it together and cooking every night. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but I lost 10 pounds. And cutting out caffeine has been really eye opening. I didn’t realize how much caffeine was affecting me. I’ve been waking up easier, sleeping better, I’m happier, I’m more calm, I don’t really have anxiety anymore. How can you not improve when you’re working really closely with people that are holding you accountable?

Also work has gotten a lot better for me. I’m more focused, more calm, and I’m doing better. My team has even recognized my improvements. Previously, I just wasn’t taking care of myself or my emotional wellness which really affected my work.

Being in a healthy, stable relationship has also had a positive impact on my health. My cravings have subsided because I don’t feel as emotional.

Inspiring change in others

I recently inspired my boyfriend to sign up so now he’s a Parsley member. He’s been loving it. He’s changed. He’s been cooking every single day, he lost weight, and he’s been feeling better. He also started meditating the other day. I’m like, “Who are you?”

Integrating daily meditation into my routine is something that I’m still in the process of, but overall I just feel really good. The last time I spoke with my doctor my blood work was perfect. Now, with both of us aligned in our health goals, we’re looking forward to building a life and a family together.

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