We’re Making You a Mindful Meal With Food Network Star Amanda Frietag

Parsley Health
October 27, 2016

Does chocolate make you feel a little crazy? Can’t quit cheese? Is one potato chip never enough?

Do you believe that if you just had a little more self control or willpower, it would solve all of your food issues?

It wouldn’t.

The solution has nothing to do with willpower, no amount of self-control is going to solve all of your problems, and food is not the bad guy. Your obsession with food has nothing to do with food at all.

In order to stop feeling crazy around food, you have to change the way you think about food and your body, and learn how to eat.

And we want to teach you how!

Join us for a Mindful Meal prepared by New York City Chef and Food Network star, Amanda Freitag , along with Jennifer Sterling, Parsley Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert.

Here’s what we’re cooking up for you:

Dinner: Enjoy a healthy and delicious, paleo inspired meal, complete with a brief cooking demo and take-home recipes so you can recreate this mindful meal at home.

Coaching: Jennifer will walk you through the tools and resources that she uses to help Parsley members and clients in her own practice, stop feeling crazy around food.

Community: You’re not alone in this, and we’re going to prove it! Join members of the Parsley Health Community for a night of connection and conversation.

You’ll leave feeling nourished, satisfied, and fully equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to stop feeling crazy around food. You’ll also learn to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger and eat in a way that works for your body (without dieting, deprivation, or restriction!)

Come join us! Reserve your seat here.

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