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12 Months In: What We’ve Learned About Our Health, Lives, and Coming Together from the Pandemic

It has officially been a year since many of us said goodbye to our in-person coworkers , left our desks askew as if we might be back shortly to water the plants, walked the streets of our hometowns...

Sara Angle
Everything You Need to Know About COVID-19 Antibody Testing At Parsley Health

This post was originally written April 7, 2020. It was last updated May 18, 2020. Access to COVID-19 testing remains one of the most critical pieces to addressing the pandemic. Yet in the US, swab...

The Immune Boosting Supplement Our Doctors Love

There’s never been a better time to focus on supporting your immune system , and the medical team at Parsley Health has a favorite pharmaceutical-grade supplement they turn to and recommend to many...

Complete Care Anywhere: Your New Doctor, Now Online

A typical doctor visit might go something like this: you walk in, fill out a cumbersome intake form for the hundredth time, then sit in a tired, lifeless waiting room way past your appointment time....

Parsley Health Launches New Digital Services on Tail of $26M in Series B Raise

Parsley Health, the leading national provider of holistic personalized medicine designed to reverse chronic illness and optimize health, announced the launch of two new telemedicine services and a r...

Coming Soon: Parsley Center West Hollywood

We’re making our mark in LA in a BIG way! Find out first what’s coming – Fall 2019. Earlier this year we opened our doors in NYC to our first-ever custom-built flagship space and the response has...

Meet Parsley’s First Nurse Practitioner: Jamie Kyei-Frimpong

Parsley Health NYC is excited to welcome Jamie Kyei-Frimpong, MS, FNP-BC, a board-certified family nurse practitioner to the care team. Jamie received her nursing degree from Columbia University, w...

Meet NYC’s Newest MD: Darcy McConnell

Parsley Center New York welcomes Darcy McConnell, MD to our world-class team of doctors. Dr. Darcy McDonnell, MD is a board-certified Family Medicine doctor and Functional Medicine Practitioner cer...

Get to Know Dr. Ruvini Wijetilaka, Parsley Health NYC’s Newest MD

Parsley Center New York welcomes Ruvini Wijetilaka, MD to our world-class team of doctors. Dr. Ruvini Wijetilaka is a board certified internal medicine doctor who completed her training at Drexel U...

Meet NYC’s Newest MD: Julie Taw

Parsley Center New York welcomes Julie Taw, MD to our world-class team of doctors. Dr. Julie Taw, MD is a board certified internal medicine physician. Julie graduated from Albert Einstein College o...

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