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7 Strange Symptoms That Might Signal an Underlying Health Issue

For as much time as we’ve spent in our own bodies, we’re actually pretty terrible at paying attention to the subtle signs and symptoms our body gives us on a daily basis. “Most of us aren’t taught t...

Theona Layne
Is Male Fertility Declining? Here’s How You Can Optimize Your Fertility

Prime your body for fertility and better overall health with these doctor-approved strategies. Reports of declining male sperm rates may send you into a worried spiral if you’re considering havin...

How I Healed My Chronic Fatigue

After visiting 5 specialists and undergoing multiple x-rays, cat scans and an MRI, I was fed up. Nobody took the time to connect the dots and I felt like I was just being passed around the healthcar...

4 Health Tests Every Man in His Thirties Needs

For men, the thirties is a critical decade when things start to change. My patients often report feeling like they don’t have the energy that they used to and generally feel tired. Many lose their s...

Low Testosterone: Signs, Causes, and Treatment Options

Low testosterone in men, one considered a problem only for those of advanced age, is becoming increasingly problematic in young and middle-aged men. Learn about the signs of low testosterone and how...

5 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet For Men

When it comes to the physiological compositions of men and women, there are some very stark differences. So while it is a known fact shouted from the rooftops of buildings across the globe that a pl...

Ask A Mindful Man: Jason Wachob – Author, Founder and CEO of MindBodyGreen

Jason is our mindful man of the month and also the Founder and CEO of mindbodygreen, the leading independent wellness website with 10 million monthly unique visitors. He has been featured in The...

Ask a Mindful Man: Award-winning chef, restaurateur and cookbook author Seamus Mullen

Seamus Mullen also happens to be a ‘miracle’ healer who fought his way back from death’s doorstep using food and functional medicine. If he was any cooler he’d be ice. Dry ice that floats and fasci...

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