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How Parsley Health Pivoted From Chic Clinics To A National Telehealth Platform

“Since launching Parsley Health in 2016, Dr. Robin Berzin set out to build a holistic medical startup to combat a health crisis that’s plagued the country long before Covid-19.”

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We Could All Use a Health Coach

Erica Zellner, a health coach at the Parsley clinic, said, “I never met a patient that didn’t have some resistance to change. Coaches take the time to get to know patients fully, find their internal motivation and set them up for success that’s personalized. Health happens in the 99.9 percent of your life when you’re not in the doctor’s office.”

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The Doctor Will Zoom You Now: ‘What I Learned During My First Telemedicine Session’

“As my appointment with [my clinician] winds down, I’m blown away by how much ground we’ve covered. I’ve been taking notes as she fired off lifestyle and supplement suggestions for me, and it’s almost as if she can tell I’m craving a re-cap when she says, “You’ll get a message with my notes on everything we discussed, and I’ll recommend the exact supplements I like to make life easier for you.”

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Parsley Health’s Dr. Robin Berzin on How Moms Can Prioritize Their Health

“Women with chronic illness are often spending seven years living with that illness, bouncing between primary care specialists, doctor, Google, whatever, trying to figure it out and just suffering with it and not getting an answer."

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3 Services to Help You Take Charge of Your Mental Health

“Parsley Health's approach brings together the best aspects of conventional primary care with the functional medicine paradigm, which looks at the root cause and asks why. Why do you have low blood sugar? Why do you have headaches? Why are you depressed? Parsley tries to answer those questions and personalizes the healthcare experience as a result.”

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With New Book, Parsley Health Founder Dr. Robin Berzin Wants to Bring Holistic Health to All

“Upon joining, members complete an in-depth health assessment, which one Parsley customer joked is so thorough that she felt more seen by it than her own boyfriend.”

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Healthcare Startups Hope to Personalize Doctor Visits

“At Parsley, the doctor’s orders are data driven. Founder and CEO Robin Berzin says her team examines diet, relationships, environment and genetics to treat members.”

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Transforming How America Treats Chronic Disease

“This level of in-depth support is a game-changer for women whose doctors have long dismissed reproductive, menstrual, and mental health issues.”

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How Do We Heal the Holes in Healthcare

"[Parsley Health’s goal] is to help us stop "living ourselves sick" by genuinely getting to know each patient for their unique lifestyle and needs, and identifying early symptoms related to common conditions like PCOS, hormonal/thyroid imbalances, autoimmune diseases, and more.”

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Inside the New York Wellness Space That Could Be the Future of Primary Care

“With our burgeoning burnout culture and the alarming rise of chronic conditions, the collective desire for a more holistic approach to health care has reached a crescendo. Since its launch in 2016, medical practice Parsley Health has sought to answer that call.”

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Elevating Your Baseline Health

“We get told mental health is in your head, but what I see over and over again is oftentimes the unlock is in your body.”

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Is This Holistic Primary Care Service the Future of Medicine?

“Parsley Health is meant to foster a close, long-term doctor-patient relationship where both parties are committed to addressing the underlying reasons of health problems. This is what is termed functional medicine, a clinical approach that analyzes you as a whole person, instead of looking at you in a snapshot of time.”

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Ask the Doctor: Burnout Edition–How to Get Back Your Energy and Eliminate Overwhelm

“Dr. Berzin shares her perspective on burnout. It’s based around the idea that addressing the mind actually begins in the body. She shares the exact symptoms that can tell you if you’re burnt out, including the best tests you can ask your regular doctor for, how to manage your burnout, the best workouts to decrease burnout, how to eat for energy, the best supplements for low energy, a science-based argument that will convince even skeptics to start meditating, easy, actionable steps to help manage your relationship with technology, and so much more.”

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Taking Care of Your Body to Unlock Your Life

“Parsley Health [is] a doctor’s office that is so much more than just a doctor’s office. They look at the whole body, offering health coaching and MDs to find the root of your problems. We’re all dealing with the crisis of COVID-19 right now and looking for ways to feel our best both mentally and physically, and Robin has plenty of advice on how you can achieve that.”

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End Anxiety, Beat Burnout, and Supercharge Your Energy with Dr. Robin Berzin

“Dr. Berzin is the Founder and CEO of Parsley Health, America's leading holistic medical practice designed to help women overcome chronic conditions. She founded Parsley to address the rising tide of chronic disease in America through personalized holistic medicine that puts food, lifestyle, and proactive diagnostic testing on the prescription pad next to medications. Parsley is available online nationwide.”

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You Have to Listen to Your Body

“The real game-changing shift is a different perspective, versus different medicine. It’s asking ‘why?’.”

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