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Is This $150-a-Month Holistic Primary Care Service the Future of Medicine?

“Parsley Health is meant to foster a close, long-term doctor-patient relationship where both parties are committed to addressing the underlying reasons of health problems. This is what is termed functional medicine, a clinical approach that analyzes you as a whole person, instead of looking at you in a snapshot of time.”

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Parsley Health Announces $10M Series A Funding and a Plan to Heal Healthcare

“To get a feel for the Parsley Health experience, take the most depressing stereotypes you have about going to the doctor — stuffy waiting rooms, lightning-fast consults, and impersonal physicians—and flip them.”

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Parsley Health Picks up $10 Million to Reimagine Health Care

“According to the CDC, 70% of diseases in our country are chronic and lifestyle-driven,” said Parsley Health founder and CEO Dr. Robin Berzin. “And yet instead of addressing the root causes of health problems, medicine’s toolkit is limited to prescriptions and procedures, driving up costs while the average person gets sicker. The answer isn’t just another pill.”

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Parsley Health Raises $10M in Series A to Transform Primary Care

“Parsley is a 10x product. It is exponentially better than conventional primary care,” said Catherine Ulrich, partner at FirstMark Capital. “It provides a better customer experience along every axis: Parsley doctors focus on ‘why’ you have a condition, not just labeling ‘what’ you have. They aim to get you well and keep you well.”

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Healthcare Startups Hope to Personalize Doctor Visits 

“To prevent health problems, Berzin hired a data scientist to track thousands of biomarkers for each patient to help doctors and wellness coaches on staff…”

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Is This What the Doctor's Office of the Future Will Look Like?

“A $150 a month membership fee covers an in-depth intake session, four follow-up visits, video chats, advanced biomarker testing, five wellness coaching sessions and unlimited messaging with the doctor…”


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How Robin Berzin and Parsley Health are Revolutionizing What it Means to Go to the Doctor

“Rather than slap on a general diagnosis and call it a day, Parsley Health takes the extra step to help actually figure out what’s bothering you. First, you get prescreened using a blood test for common problems like cholesterol, thyroid, and nutrient imbalances…”

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This Doctors Office ... Could Be the future of Medicine

“At Parsley Health, Berzin and her colleagues want to help those people get off prescription drugs and avoid the eye-popping fees that specialists charge. The startup takes a holistic approach to care…”

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What Really Happens When You Detox?

“If you’re consistently eating foods that cause a low-grade allergic reaction or contain lots of toxins, your immune system is constantly kicking into gear. That immune response is, by its very nature, inflammatory, because it has to produce lots of proteins (called antibodies…”

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This Functional Medicine Clinic is Changing Healthcare in Los Angeles

“Parsley Health is a one-stop locale for functional medicine, built on a completely new model: instead of hundred (or thousand) dollar an hour doctor visits, members pay $150/month for unlimited contact with a healthcare professional.  This completely changes the way that medical needs are met…”

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Attitude Adjustment: 7 Women Challenging Wellness Norms

“With the Internet at our disposal, we’re all guilty of playing doctor. Can you blame us? What with long wait times, little face time, and high copays at the doctor’s office, googling our symptoms can seem like a great alternative — that is, until we realize we’re not dying of a rare and deadly disease. What we really need is someone like Dr. Robin Berzin…”

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100 Women in Wellness

“Technology and Western medicine both have their strengths, but Dr. Berzin combines them with an Eastern sensibility to harness the best of both worlds. Her practice, Parsley Health, aims to make functional medicine modern and affordable…”

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