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This Doctors Office … Could be the future of Medicine

“Dr. Robin Berzin runs a boutique medical practice out of a WeWork coworking space in New York City. Every day, she runs into 20- and 30-somethings who are eager to share their concerns with her — like weight gain, sleep loss, and mood swings — in the communal kitchen.

At Parsley Health, Berzin and her colleagues want to help those people get off prescription drugs and avoid the eye-popping fees that specialists charge. The startup takes a holistic approach to care, with physicians taking in information about a person’s history, lifestyle, and genetics, and offering treatment that puts alternative therapies ahead of traditional medicine.”

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What Really Happens When You Detox?

“What interests me most about detoxing, at least the way Dr. Berzin prescribes it, is whether it has the potential to reduce inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation is a well-established medical concept, and Dr. Berzin’s explanation is pretty simple: “If you’re consistently eating foods that cause a low-grade allergic reaction or contain lots of toxins, your immune system is constantly kicking into gear,” she says. That immune response is, by its very nature, inflammatory, because it has to produce lots of proteins (called antibodies) and chemical agents to fight off invaders. Which is what you want them doing—just not all the time. “Once your immune response is on, it’s on systemwide,” Dr. Berzin explains. “That leads to a chronic state of low-level inflammation, which can cause all sorts of problems.” Think acne, migraines and weight gain in the short term, with heart disease looming down the road.”

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The Progressive, Affordable Doctor Is In

“Over time, your immune system has gotten confused,” Robin Berzin, MD, explained, after about an hour spent delving through my health history, from my Cesarean birth to my chronic congestion to what kind of protein powder I put in my smoothie yesterday…

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Organic Authority

This Functional Medicine Clinic is Changing Healthcare in Los Angeles

“Parsley Health is a one-stop locale for functional medicine, built on a completely new model: instead of hundred (or thousand) dollar an hour doctor visits, members pay $150/month for unlimited contact with a healthcare professional.  This completely changes the way that medical needs are met.

“We needed to get away from fee for service,” explains Berzin. “You shouldn’t pay me to see me for more hours; you should pay to get better.”

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Portrait of a Doctor as a Young Techy: Dr. Robin Berzin

The revolution will be digital and nutritional. This is the professional code of Dr. Robin Berzin, a functional medicine practicioner at The Morrison Center in Manhattan. She believes in the metaphor of the road, traveling from sickness to wellness, joining her patients on that walk, sometimes guiding the way, and sometimes following. There is nothing of the elite doctor archetype. Nothing of the doctor who is too busy to think of her patients. Nothing of the set of pills to solve, and when they fail, another compound of pills to take. Nothing of treatment that actually makes you sicker…

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Attitude Adjustment: 7 Women Challenging Wellness Norms

With the Internet at our disposal, we’re all guilty of playing doctor. Can you blame us? What with long wait times, little face time, and high copays at the doctor’s office, googling our symptoms can seem like a great alternative — that is, until we realize we’re not dying of a rare and deadly disease. What we really need is someone like Dr. Robin Berzin, who’s tearing down the walls between doctors and patients in a way that’s never been done before…

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Mind Body Green

100 Women In Wellness

Technology and Western medicine both have their strengths, but Dr. Berzin combines them with an Eastern sensibility to harness the best of both worlds. Her practice, Parsley Health, aims to make functional medicine modern and affordable…

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