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Parsley Health New York

Advanced whole-body primary care from doctors who care.

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Smart and holistic.

The only medical practice with a whole body approach to long-term health.

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Work with top board-certified MDs trained in both Western and root-cause focused Functional Medicine, combined with advanced diagnostics, health coaching and natural approaches – whenever possible.  Parsley Health offers sustainable solutions to resolving chronic illness and optimizing one’s health.

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Meet The Parsley Health NY Care Team

Our doctors graduated from top medical schools (Columbia University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania) and trained further in Functional Medicine to offer the best of conventional and holistic care.  Our health coaches and lab managers are certified in functional and integrative nutrition.

Specialties include: Cancer prevention, cardiovascular disease, thyroid and adrenal health, autoimmune disorders, fatigue, digestive health, weight management, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, fertility, stress management, irritable bowel syndrome, allergy desensitization, mental health, pediatrics, teenagers and young adults, functional pain management, health optimization for athletes, longevity and more.

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During your first visit in our New York center, you’ll meet your doctor and health team for 75 minutes—five times what you spend with a regular doctor. In addition to building a detailed history, physical and advanced biomarker testing review, they’ll focus on your goals, answer questions, build your profile, and get you started with a base plan.

Parsley Health New York
126 5th Ave, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011

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