Postpartum Health

Postpartum support that focuses on you.

We take care of you after your baby arrives, helping to heal your body, rebalance your hormones, and restore your mental wellbeing.

Low mood and sadness / Agitation and anxiety / Lack of energy and fatigue / Trouble concentrating / Changes in appetite / Sleeplessness / Lack of interest / Feeling overwhelmed

The 3 pillars of postpartum recovery.

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Your hormones go on a rollercoaster after childbirth, and continue to fluctuate if you breastfeed. We help women understand how those hormonal shifts are impacting their mood and make recommendations for how to regulate them.


Our whole-body approach to postpartum healing.

We meet you where you're at.

Our clinicians take the time to get to know you with an in-depth assessment to understand the connection between your pregnancy and health history, your lifestyle, and your unique postpartum symptoms.

Advanced testing for hormonal balance.

It’s normal to experience postpartum hormone fluctuations after giving birth. We run advanced tests to check the status of your overall hormonal health so we can help you feel more like yourself again.

A personalized health plan to heal.

Your clinician and health coach will create a plan to help you rest and nourish your healing body. We will be there along the way, offering support for your mental wellbeing, support for your nutrition, and guidance for breastfeeding, sleep training, and more.


The best postpartum support

Stress-free online holistic care.

You can meet with your Parsley clinician and health coach via video call, while the My Parsley Health portal keeps you connected to your care team. Easily ask questions, schedule appointments, and manage prescriptions from anywhere.