Your Top 6 Most-Asked Questions About Parsley Health—Answered

Robin Berzin, MD
January 15, 2019

Parsley Health is unlike any other healthcare provider, so it makes sense that you might have questions. Here are the answers to the top six most-asked questions about Parsley Health.

When people first hear about Parsley Health, they’re usually extremely curious, because it’s like nothing they’ve ever experienced before. In fact, Parsley Health was created to deliver exactly what healthcare is missing today: personalized medicine that uses nutrition, advanced testing, and lifestyle changes to transform people’s lives. Our membership-based primary care practice uses a holistic, root-cause focused approach to healing .

Whether you’re dealing with a chronic illness or ongoing symptoms, looking for preventative care, or hoping to optimize your health, our team of highly-trained medical providers and health coaches can help.

Still have questions? Here’s what people ask us the most.

1. Does Parsley Health take insurance?

Yes ! Eligible Parsley Health members can use their insurance to pay for medical visits and pay a lower annual membership fee. Parsley is in network with select major insurance plans in New York and California, covering 10+ million people. We’re working hard to expand access to in-network memberships to make Parsley’s root-cause resolution approach to healthcare even more accessible.

Go here to find out if you're eligible for in-network coverage. Want to learn more about out-of-network coverage? Call the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card. We recommend asking your insurance company what your specific out of network benefits are and what your potential reimbursement may be.

2. Can I use my FSA/HSA to cover membership or other costs?

Many of our members use their FSA/HSA to pay for clinical fees, specialty tests, and supplements. However, we recommend checking with your FSA/HSA company/carrier for more information and details as to how you can use these funds.

In case there is any additional documentation you need, we’re more than happy to help get you the necessary paperwork.

3. Can Parsley Health be my virtual primary care physician (PCP)?

Absolutely. Parsley Health’s world-class doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are trained in primary care specialties like internal and family medicine. As a Parsley Health member, you have the option of accessing your healthcare all in one place with your Parsley medical provider as your virtual PCP. We coordinate your care with specialists and other healthcare providers when needed, refill prescriptions, and keep track of all your medical records.

With our root-cause resolution approach to healthcare, your Parsley Health medical team isn’t just here for when you’re sick—we’re here to support your long-term health and wellbeing, too. Our focus on the underlying factors contributing to your health concerns allows us to heal existing conditions as well as offer preventative care by identifying and preventing risk factors that may affect your health in the future.

Parsley Health’s virtual PCP offering includes:

  • Care for any health concern - from colds to chronic conditions.
  • Telemedicine - medical visits from wherever you are.
  • Portal messaging - get answers by messaging your health coach or RN care manager at any time. If you need to get in touch with your medical provider, we encourage you to book your next medical visit so you can discuss in person.
  • Medication refills - easily request Rx renewals.
  • Referrals - Parsley Health will refer out to specialists when clinically indicated and can assist in locating a specialist when needed.

Parsley Health’s virtual PCP offering does not include:

  • Same-day visits
  • Urgent care
  • Physicals
  • Vaccines
  • Prescribe controlled substances
  • Pap smears - we recommend maintaining an OB-GYN for regular Pap smears.
  • Age-related screenings - your Parsley Health medical provider will remind you of important age-related screenings you should get like colonoscopies or mammograms.

4. Can I get my well-woman exam, breast exams, and gynecological care at Parsley?

The short answer: you still need to have an OB-GYN.

In order to get the best care, well-woman exams and Pap smears should be done by doctors who do them routinely and specialize in gynecology. But Parsley Health does do a lot of women’s health that your OB-GYN probably doesn’t do from a functional medicine perspective:

  • Fertility support with blood tests, herbs, diet, and detoxification recommendations and referrals
  • Hormone balancing, from PMS to PCOS to menopause, including bioidentical hormone support and therapy
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Prescription antibiotics or anti-fungals if needed, as well as natural options for infections where appropriate
  • Support for issues around sexual health and libido

5. What do I need to know about lab testing at Parsley Health?

Testing through traditional healthcare is often very limited. Your Parsley medical team will use their in-depth knowledge of your health to advise on advanced specialty tests to get to the bottom of your symptoms. From there, they can design a personalized care plan that’s tailored to your needs and goals.

We help you select tests that fit your health goals, insurance, and budget. During your first visit with your medical provider, you'll spend time exploring your health goals and reviewing testing options together. This may include blood work, at-home advanced specialty testing, or a combination of the two. (We recommend you complete blood work at least two weeks ahead of your next follow-up visit with your medical provider).

6. Is specialty testing is included with membership?

The costs of lab work and specialty tests are not included in the membership fee. However, lab work is usually covered by insurance. Based on your health needs and goals, your Parsley medical provider may recommend you have additional specialty testing done. This is optional, but tests range in cost from $100—$350.

All of the advanced testing that we do is unique to each person. No two members will have the same testing, but some frequently recommended specialty tests look at food allergies or sensitivities, cortisol and other hormones, genetics, gut health , and toxic metal or mold levels. These can include blood, saliva, urine, and stool tests. Our medical providers are experts in interpreting these advanced tests for you.

Ready to become a Parsley Health member? Schedule a free call  to learn more about Parsley’s virtual primary care , how to use insurance  to pay for your Parsley medical fees, and more.

Robin Berzin, MD

Dr. Robin Berzin is the Founder and CEO of Parsley Health, America's leading holistic medical practice designed to help women overcome chronic conditions. She founded Parsley to address the rising tide of chronic disease in America through personalized holistic medicine that puts food, lifestyle, and proactive diagnostic testing on the prescription pad next to medications. Since founding Parsley in 2016, Dr. Berzin has seen 80% of patients improve or resolve their chronic conditions within their first year of care, demonstrating the life-changing value of making modern holistic medicine accessible to everyone, anywhere. Parsley is available online nationwide.

Dr. Berzin attended medical school at Columbia University and trained in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Her book, Prescription for Happiness: How to Eat, Move, and Supplement for Peak Mental Health, was published by Simon Element in January 2022.

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