Parsley Wellness Academy Is the Exclusive Hub for On-Demand Wellness Education

Parsley Health
May 12, 2023

To empower the Parsley members who want to take their membership to the next level, our team of expert health coaches created the Parsley Wellness Academy: Parsley's exclusive hub for on-demand wellness education.

We're so excited to share this exclusive resource with our members. Read on to find out how benefit even more from Parsley's root-cause resolution medicine .

What is Parsley Wellness Academy?

Available to Parsley Health members , Parsley Wellness Academy (PWA) is your go-to space for health and lifestyle education and community. With a growing library of condition-specific guided courses like Gut Health, Nutrition for Fertility, and Mindful Eating, as well as a health-coach moderated forum to connect with other Parsley members, PWA has something for everyone, regardless of where they are on their health journey.

What’s included in the Parsley Wellness Academy?

  • Pre-recorded videos made by Parsley’s expert health coaches, who are trained in nutrition and behavioral change
  • Learning curriculum with courses based around foundational concepts like Core Foundations, Fertility, and Mindful Eating
  • Written resources like handouts and research guides
  • A health-coach moderated community forum

While as a member you'll still have your visits with your dedicated health coach, PWA gives you the opportunity to connect with other Parsley health coaches and members in a moderated forum while you reflect on lessons taken from the curriculum. As Parsley member Jennifer K. told us, “The reflections made me dig deeper and analyze my behavior more than I would have on my own.”

Use the forum to share your health journey with other members, ask PWA health coach moderators questions (they'll let you know when your own medical provider or health coach is a better person to answer them), and take on challenges assigned to you for the week.

How to join Parsley Wellness Academy

If you’re a Parsley Health member, log in to your My Parsley portal and go to your Perks page or connect with your health coach.

Want to become a Parsley Health member? Schedule a free call to learn more about Parsley’s virtual primary care , how to use insurance to pay for your Parsley medical fees, and more.

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