Why You Need to Detox in the Spring

Parsley Health
November 5, 2016

We talk a lot about Spring cleaning our homes and our offices, but what about our bodies? There’s no better time to do a detox than right now.

Come June sales for our Parsley Health detox program will go through the roof. We will see an influx of new patients. Our phones will be ringing off the hook. Why? Everyone wants a quick fix for beach season. As doctors we know there is no quick fix. Weight loss, muscle gain and healthy bodies take time. So why not start now?

Get to the root of the problem before the problem gets the best of you? Why start the summer feeling bloated, lazy, sluggish and overweight? You deserve better than that.

Are you ready to change your diet? Talk to one of our health experts to find out if Parsley Health can help you meet your goals today .

A simple 7-Day detox program BEFORE the summer begins will send you into June healthy and happy.

There are plenty of reasons to cleanse and detox right now.

  1. You’ll be rid of the body’s internal roller coaster of sugar highs and lows which will help you make better choices at those summer BBQs.
  2. Your body will be in optimal condition, making it easier to bounce back from that delicious ballpark snack or several glasses of wine .
  3. Your immune system will thank you. Getting healthier before the summer will help boost your immune system and help keep you from getting sick when you just want to be out in the sun.

The Parsley 7 Day Detox involves 4 simple easy steps:

  1. Have a delicious healing 26 grams of protein packed smoothie for breakfast
  2. Eat a balanced, plant based Paleo lunch focused on greens, protein and healthy fat
  3. Take the Parsley digestive supplements each day – probiotic, herbal formula and enzymes
  4. Have a second delicious 26 grams of protein packed smoothie for dinner

In addition to detoxing we recommend all of our Parsley Health members start a regular meditation practice . Think of it as a Spring cleaning for the mind. We believe this is imperative to keeping stress levels in check and making sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep .

We’re making it easy for our members by offering them a one-year subscription to the Headspace meditation app for free.

You deserve a better doctor! Parsley Health is it.

Let us help you take a smarter, whole approach to living a healthy life. Speak to one of our health experts today .

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