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7 Things You Can Do Today for Better Gut Health

Hippocrates, known as the father of modern medicine, once said that “all disease begins in the gut.” And boy, was he right! The health of our digestive tract, and the billions of microbes that liv...

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Should You Be Taking a Prebiotic Supplement?

If you’ve been having stomach issues, it could be due to an imbalance of bacteria in your gut microbiome. You need probiotics, the good bacteria that nourish your gut and immune health, but you also...

The Absolute Best Time To Take Your Probiotic

Probiotic supplements can help keep your gut — and entire body — healthy. But in order to reap the most benefits, it’s key to know the best time to take your probiotics. Read on to get the full scoo...

Healthier Wines Are A Thing: Here’s What to Know

Have you ever talked yourself into pouring another glass of wine because it’s “heart healthy” and “packed with antioxidants?” While it’s true that antioxidants in wine have been tied to findings tha...

Your Guide to Probiotics And Exactly When to Take Them

Probiotics have come a long way from a handful of options at the drug store and ‘that stuff in your yogurt.’ Now you can find them in just about everything, from drinks and chocolate to trail mix an...

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