The Surprising Secret to Glowing Skin

Emily Fletcher
May 9, 2018

It’s 2018 and let’s face it, we have access to the world’s most advanced external tools when it comes to skincare. We are well-versed in the creams and the serums, the oils and the lotions, the lights and the exfoliation.

But what if I told you that there is an internal tool you probably haven’t tried yet–and it can reverse your body age by up to 8 years.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. What I’m talking about is meditation and there are more and more studies coming out heralding its ability to reverse your brain and body age. The best part? It has no side negative effects and it may just make it easier to commit to other health-boosting habits.

We all have two ages. Our chronological age– that number that graces our birthday cakes, and our biological age which is measured by blood pressure, auditory performance, and visual performance. It’s essentially how old the body acts and feels.

Now, we don’t have any control over our chronological age, but our biological age? That we can do something about.

Stress was making me gray at 26.

Before I became a meditation teacher I was on Broadway for ten years. My last gig was to understudy three of the leading roles in “A Chorus Line” which means I went onstage at a moment’s notice. It was so intense that I started going gray at the tender age of twenty-six, and I had been plagued with insomnia for over 18 months!

I am happy to report that on the first day of my first meditation course I slept through the night…and I have every night since (and that was eleven years ago). Soon after, I also stopped getting sick, I stopped getting injured and I even reversed my gray! More than a decade later, I’m thrilled to report that at 38 years old, they are nowhere in sight.

How meditation reverses your biological age.

While the benefits of meditation are seemingly endless (better sex , deeper sleep, more energy, and even weight loss to name a few…), what I want to dive into is the science behind how meditation actually reverses your body age.

We all know that stress is bad for us, but I’m here to break the really bad news: doctors are calling stress the Black Plague of our century. Chronic stress can lead to any number of psychological and physical problems, and your skin is not immune to stress. Case in point: there’s an entirely new, cutting-edge field called psychodermatology that focuses solely on the connection between human emotions and the health of our skin.

So, what does meditation have to do with it? When we get stressed the body produces acid to shut down digestion. That same acid seeps into your skin which accelerates aging and breaks down skin elasticity which expedites aging. There is a reason why your yoga teacher looks younger than her age. It’s the same reason every president seems to age a decade in only four years. Stress speeds up the negative effects of aging. Meditation is the most powerful stress-relieving tool we have. And the beautiful part about it is that once you have some training in a style you love, not only will you look more rested, your body will perform at the top of its game.

Meet the doctor with $0 co-pays.

Learn more

How to start meditating.

This thing is no joke. Here’s how to learn.

Once you learn to meditate at Ziva you walk away with a powerful daily practice that you can use for life. No clearing your mind, uncomfortable positions or patchouli required. If you’re ready to dive in and you live in NYC you are invited to join for a free Intro to Ziva Meditation talk at our Soho studio where You will learn more about the neuroscience behind meditation for better performance.

After the intro talk, the course is an only two hours a day for four days. And the best part is, once you graduate from the course, you’re part of the zivaFAMILY, which means you have access to a lifetime of group meditation, access to the courses and our vibrant online community.

If you’re not in NYC you are invited to join our brand new online meditation program, zivaONLINE.

In only 2 weeks, you can reduce the stress in your body so you can perform at the top of your game. This isn’t another challenge, zivaONLINE  is a proven, in-depth training that will give you a daily mindfulness, meditation and manifesting practice.

What do you have to lose, besides stress?

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Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva and the creator of The Ziva Technique, a powerful trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting designed to unlock your full potential. She is regarded as the leading expert in meditation for high performance. The New York Times, The Today Show, Vogue and ABC News have all featured Emily’s work. She’s been named one of the top 100 women in wellness to watch, has taught more than 9,000 students around the world and has spoken on meditation for performance at Google, Harvard Business School, Summit Series, Viacom, Wanderlust Festival & The Omega Center. Ziva graduates include Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winners, as well as NBA players, CEOs, busy parents, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

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