The Agony and Ecstasy of Sakara Life: Danielle and Whitney Talk Dirty Then Clean.

Sakara Life
July 27, 2016

Sakara Life, as the name suggests, aspires to be so much more than an organic meal delivery service. Everything their rock-solid brand touches turns to white gold – pure, immaculate and alluring.

If anyone brought sexy back, it was Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise four years ago. Two blonde-haired, drop-dead gorgeous BFFs quit their day jobs to make and deliver organic, wholesome vegetable-based meals straight to your doorstep.

Today everyone from slick celebrities to busy bosses and wellness-aware cool kids are sold on their salads. They’ve obviously done a few things right. We love them – and our members- so much, that we made Sakara Life one of our wellness partners so that all Parsley members nationwide can enjoy their meals at a discount. It’s all part of the plan to get you eating, moving, breathing and being, better.

I asked Whitney and Danielle 8 Big Questions for our Woman Up series – a collection of posts featuring some inspiring local femmes that live large, work hard, fall often and get back up always.

1. What did you have to unlearn to get to where you are?

W: Wow, so many things! I’d say recently a big thing has been unlearning that I’m the best person to get things done. When you’re building a business it can be hard to give others the jobs that you’ve gotten so accustomed and so good at doing, but that process of delegating and teaching is the key to scaling!

D: That rules were meant to be followed. When you start a business – especially as young women – everyone tries to tell you how things are done…but those rules were just created by someone before you who wanted things done a different way. When you fuse creativity with business then you start creating your own way of doing things and suddenly anything is possible.

2.We want to work out with you today, where are you taking us?

The Class with Taryn Toomey, Ballet Beautiful, boxing at Gotham Gym…or twerk aerobics if you’re up for it.

3. What’s your hack for getting back on track when things have completely derailed? (Like after a vacation or an indulgent weekend or a big deadline).

W: A few days of following the Sakara Life program strictly (no snacks, no caffeine, no alcohol) is our go-to for balancing the body + soul. Seriously—our clients say they feel lighter, more energized and have fewer cravings after less than a week! No matter where you’ve been, how many beers you’ve drank, or how few hours you’ve slept, the key is to cleanse your body of the toxins that have built up, while nourishing it with the fuel that will bring it back to harmony (plant proteins, healthy fats , antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and love).

D: If, for whatever reason, following the meal program is not in the cards for the week (a.k.a too many dinner parties!), we turn to our 5-Day Reset Collection, available in our Clean Boutique. It’s basically a detox survival kit: our signature morning and night waters, teas, bars and supplements (including our amazing new probiotic, Botanical Body Formula, to rebalance your gut bacteria which probably got thrown off by all that stress/junk food/booze/sleep deprivation ), plus recipes for 10 plant-based meals that are aligned with our Pillars of Nutrition if you find yourself with time and space in the kitchen at night.

4. What habit are you trying to kick?

D: Checking email first thing in the morning…so much better to start with a Sakara Morning Water, a quiet mind, and some kisses from my husband.

W: Not finding time to move my body! Even if making it to a full hour class is not realistic, there is ALWAYS time for some sun salutations, a short run, or a quick Ballet Beautiful video. It’s important to remember that this movement isn’t just for vanity, it’s medicine for my brain and body.

5. On the other hand, how are you guys killing it in life right now?

W: We’re really proud of the dream team we’ve manifested at Sakara Life, filled with passionate, creative, and somewhat weird (we call it the S-FACTOR!) people who understand the power of this lifestyle. We’re tough, we’re scrappy and we create amazing things together. Plus it’s so great to genuinely love the people you work with and see every day…not everyone can say that about their jobs, and we’re lucky that we can!

D: More than anything…the results we’re helping people achieve. Whit and I spend time everyday before going home reading the emails our Sakaralites are sending in to our wellness team, and no matter what time or insane day we’ve had, it always brings us back to why we’re doing this. So many people today do not know what it feels like to feel GOOD, healthy, safe, and SEXY in their body, and we’re helping them feel that again. It’s magical.

6. If you went to a deserted island and could take a truck load of only one type of food / snack/ drink, what would it be?

W: Duh – fresh, organic greens, because eating 4 to 6 cups of greens per day is the single most important thing you can do for better health. And I’d probably smuggle in some hemp seeds for plant-based protein because I’m not one to follow rules.

D: Considering I’d probably be deserted with Whit and she’s got the greens covered, I’d bring the high-quality dark chocolate. Balance, remember? Plus it has antioxidants to fend off free radicals.

7. What is your definition of success?

W: Turning thoughts to things! Our mantra is What I think, I create. In fact, sakara is a Sanskrit word that means “the manifestation of thoughts to things.” Success is seeing our long-held visions come to life in the real world.

D: It’s reading those client emails at the end of the day, and seeing someone in Nashville with their Sakara tote, and then being recognized in Israel, and realizing that all of this means more people experiencing this transformation all around the world.

8. As you know, Parsley is opening in LA in September! What are your Top 3 favorite things about LA right now? Where should we hang, sweat or eat?

W: Pop Physique and JJDancer for a sexy workout!

D: Plant Food + Wine , which is run by Matthew Kenney, a classically trained chef and plant-based visionary who we recently worked with to co-create some new dishes for our menu. And escaping to Joshua Tree for a little desert healing.

Visit Sakara Life online , order their food, shop their Clean Boutique , read S-Life Mag , and if you’re not one already, become a Parsley member to have these and more discounts at your disposal all year round.

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Cover photo by Caitlin Mitchel

Sakara Life
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