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Coming Soon: Parsley Health’s New Center

New year, new Parsley. We’re gearing up for something BIG! Find out what’s in store for us in 2019.

When I launched Parsley Health in 2016, I had big dreams for what medical care could look like in the future. Personalized, results-driven, high tech, experiential and dare to say it—actually beautiful.

What started as a single office in a WeWork that I shared with Parsley’s first couple of health coaches has come so far. We started with new offices in LA and SF, then expanded in NYC in 2017 to a space that I naively thought would hold us for a bit. And now, something that has been in my sight lines for all this time, is actually HERE.

Architectural Visualization by Joseph Kuhn

I’m so excited to share that we will soon be opening the doors to our new state of the art center in NYC—a space that takes health care to another level. We’ve thrown out everything we don’t like about a traditional doctor’s office, and replaced it with a space engineered to foster health just by walking through the door.

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Here’s what to expect

A place that makes you feel alive and well.

Through science-based design principles we have created a healing environment unrivaled anywhere. You’ll never believe you’re there to see your doctor.

On-site everything.

From our comfortable, private lab that makes testing a breeze, to our modern pantry with free matcha tea and Kombucha for members to enjoy, to our community living room designed to host members-only events, the space is so much more than medical.

The doctor of the future.

Technology is in the walls at Parsley Health—literally. From our building materials to our digital tools, from online to offline, we are setting the bar for advanced, personalized medicine.

We’re pushing health care into the future at every turn, at every moment. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.

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Parsley Health is the only medical practice that leverages personalized testing with whole body treatments.

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