How This Member Managed Her Thyroid Disorder and Felt Like Herself Again

Parsley Health
June 29, 2017

Parsley makes personalized root-cause treatment plans for all kinds of people with all kinds of symptoms. Read on to find out how we helped a 28-year-old woman manage her thyroid disorder—Hashimoto’s disease—and began feeling like herself again.

I came to Parsley Health looking for a doctor that would be able to help me treat Hashimoto’s and that had traditional medical training, but also understood the impact of lifestyle, supplements , and diet on one’s health.

I had spent years treating my thyroid , slow digestion, and hormonal imbalance with a mixture of naturopathic medicine, diet, Western and Eastern medicine, and chiropractic. Still, my symptoms continued to progress, and I felt like I was just ping-ponging between practitioners who weren’t looking to see if my symptoms might all be connected.

When I joined Parsley, I was impressed by how thorough my initial appointment with Dr. Soyona Rafatjah was. She took the time to ask questions no one else had. I was really excited to gain more knowledge and insight into what was going on with my health.

After an initial modified core diet and a gut healing protocol, my Parsley health coach, Jackie Damboragian , recommended I try an autoimmune/Paleo approach to my diet.

I am so grateful for her and that suggestion! After changing my diet, I experienced a huge improvement in my health. I have more sustained energy throughout the day and increased mental clarity. I handle stress better, and my skin isn’t breaking out all the time! I am a more optimistic, enthusiastic version of myself—a person I remember from years ago. In the past I’ve struggled to lose weight, but over the last three months, I’ve lost ten pounds. I’ve slowly started re-introducing foods and so far my body is handling it well and my immune system is much stronger!

When I came to Parsley Health I didn’t feel like myself. I had a lot of anxiety , mood changes, and a lack of energy. I used to be a very spontaneous, fun loving, and outgoing person and I couldn’t even remember how that felt. All the changes were overwhelming and at one point Dr. Rafatjah asked me to meditate on the healthier version of myself that I would be six months from now. She told me if I believed it, I could be it. Realizing how much positivity and visualization are a part of the healing journey was very powerful. I am so grateful to the Parsley Health team. I finally have doctors I trust and it has led to a huge mental shift that has left me feeling like myself again and in control of my health.

Download our free guide to healing your thyroid for a collection of advice from the medial team at Parsley Health.

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