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March 27, 2019

24-year-old KeriAnn was passionate about health after majoring in Dietetics, but still found herself struggling to find a doctor that made her feel validated and listened to—until she learned about Parsley Health.

Parsley Health member, KeriAnn McCafferty, shares how she learned the power and connection of mental and physical health.

Before Parsley Health, I was very unhappy. I had anxiety that was ruining relationships and insecurities that were affecting the way I viewed life. I would cause problems in my relationships and had unhealthy eating patterns. I was not confident and could not handle stress at all. I complained about the issues I was having, but then did absolutely nothing to solve them.

I kept digging myself deeper and deeper into this unhealthy cycle and I knew it needed to end, but I had no guidance. Of course I made promises to myself that I wanted to change and wanted to get better, but everything seemed to be a very short-term fix. After a period of time I just reverted back to my old, “bad habits.” To make things worse, every mainstream doctor I’d been to told me there was nothing wrong with me.

After talking to a friend about some of my health problems, she recommended that I try out Parsley.

Finally Feeling Heard

In every other doctor’s appointment I’ve had, I’ve been treated like a child—like I just needed to shut up and listen to what the doctor said and if I disagreed I was wrong. My first doctor’s visit at Parsley Health was amazing—something I never thought I would say about going to the doctor. I felt validated in my concerns, listened to, and like I could voice my opinion. I never felt like I said something “stupid,” or that my opinion didn’t matter. I was given choices and suggestions and wasn’t immediately prescribed a medication to mask my symptoms.

Everything about Parsley Health’s approach is so comprehensive and in-depth. Getting to see where my hormone levels were and how they improved the second time around was particularly insightful and motivating to reinforce the changes I had made. I also had access to my test results so I was able to do my own research and felt empowered.

I have never felt more supported or understood in my health journey. No one is telling me I’m crazy, ideas are constantly flowing, and everything is based off of my actual needs, not a generic plan.

Learning Self-Love

With the help of my physician and health coach, I’ve learned so much about my own body. I’m learning which foods agree and disagree with my body, how to accept my emotions and how to handle stress, jealousy, and anger and turn it into something new.

Sure, I still have arguments here and there. Yes, sometimes I still feel guilty about something delicious that I ate maybe too much of. But I don’t break down anymore, instead I handle things. I don’t pick arguments from nowhere just because I’m unhappy with how my day went, and I really am learning to love and advocate for myself, which I think is the most important part. I’m not trying to fix my life with extreme measures, I just feel confident knowing that I’m honoring my body the way it deserves. I am continuously looking for ways to improve my quality of life, not trying to become something I am not. I feel I am learning to accept and love myself and put myself first when I need to.

It’s more than just about my physical health—it’s about my mental health, understanding and willingness to make the necessary changes. It is about standing up for myself and what is the best possible thing for my body.

Embracing New Goals

My newest goal is leaning more towards body composition and acceptance. I’m keeping all the changes I’ve made and continually learning which foods are the best to fuel my body. I’m still working towards optimizing all of my hormone levels, and the supplements that have been suggested to me along with my diet and lifestyle changes are supporting that, and I definitely feel it. Having a physician and health coach who supports me is an amazing feeling. Resources are important in making life changes, and Parsley Health has provided me with just that.

Parsley Health

At Parsley Health, our leading medical providers and health coaches heal the root cause of health concerns with a personalized care plan and year-round support. Our root-cause resolution medicine has helped thousands feel better, with 85% of members reducing symptoms in their first year.

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Our leading medical providers and health coaches heal the root cause of health concerns with a personalized care plan and year-round support. Our root-cause resolution medicine has helped thousands feel better, with 85% of members reducing symptoms in their first year.

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