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Parsley Health Gave Me The Confidence To Quit My Job and Move To A New City

I had always been pretty healthy and active most of my life. The one health issue I’ve had was this recurring rash, which had been diagnosed differently every time I saw a dermatologist.

Once a week we hear from real Parsley Health members, in their own words, about how working with us has changed their lives. This week we’re talking to Christine, a 43-year-old pharmaceutical researcher, who came to us with a recurring rash that other doctors just couldn’t figure out. This is her story:

When my rash started in February 2016, I didn’t think too much of it. I saw a couple different doctors, who gave me prednisone and cortisone cream, which both initially helped. But as soon as I stopped, my rash came back. And through the months, the rash got worse. My face was swollen and painful.  I couldn’t get any relief. In addition to this, I felt both mentally and emotionally exhausted.  I cried or got so upset so easily, which was not like me.

I ended up going to different doctors, who either referred me to a different specialist or prescribed more medication. I was getting frustrated, and I knew I had to do something different. In August of 2016, after searching the Internet for help, I found Parsley Health. I really liked what I saw on the website, especially the one-on-one attention and about getting to the root cause instead of treating symptoms.

My experience at Parsley Health was definitely very different from any other doctor’s appointment. I saw Dr. Rafatjah and during the hour-long visit, she asked a lot of questions and really took the time to listen to me. I have never had a doctor take the time to ask all of the questions that she did. Usually, doctors spend about 5 minutes with you and are out the door. I felt that she was very compassionate and truly wanted to help me.

I saw Dr. Rafatjah for my follow-up appointments. Not only was she was incredibly responsive with all of my questions, but I also felt that she was always looking for my best interest. She even helped support and provide documentation for me (she really fought and was able to justify my short term disability claim) to take some time off of work so I could focus on my health.

I had never considered taking the time off of work, but that month off was truly what I needed. During that month, I was able to focus on myself. I found a yoga studio I really liked and started to do regular breathing exercises. I truly took the time to take care of myself.  I was able to spend the time to cook for myself and eat better. My rash pretty much resolved within the month without taking any medications. Because of this month off, I thought differently about how I had to live my life.

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My doctor and health coach at Parsley Health recommended supplements, meditation and changes in diet and exercise.  Sure, I’ve had other doctors who have told me to change my diet, exercise and take supplements. But the difference at Parsley Health is that they provided specific guidance as well as the support and encouragement that I needed. This was both from my doctor and Jennifer, my health coach. I never felt judged, and I truly felt that they cared about me.

When I think about how I feel now versus how I felt a year ago, I’m amazed by the difference. Because of Parsley Health, I made some significant lifestyle changes, including changing jobs to help with my stress level. I’m also in the process of moving back to San Diego to help support a more active lifestyle outside.

My relationships with family and friends have also changed. I am much more mentally present now and I am excited to spend time with them.

I feel so much better than I ever have. I feel well rested most days and much more energetic. I feel like a whole new person!

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