Parsley Health Has Helped Me Feel More Energized Than Ever Before

Parsley Health
March 20, 2019

Rose was tired of being turned away by doctors who told her nothing was wrong and that being tired was normal. Parsley Health finally spent the time to help her improve her energy.

Parsley Health member Rose Marie Carter opens up here about what it was like to finally feel heard by a doctor and how she’s been able to optimize her health.

When I first came to Parsley Health I wanted energy. I had no energy at all. I just wanted to sleep and I didn’t know why. I just didn’t feel good. I had moved 7 times in 5 years and each time I moved, I found a new doctor. I’d talked to each of my doctors about my low energy, but they would say “You moved. You’re probably tired.”

It felt like they were almost mocking me. It was almost like I was wasting their time.

My blood work would come back perfect, I ate organic, I did yoga. Everything was all pretty and perfect looking, but I did not feel good at all.

I found Parsley Health through the vortex of Instagram and did a consult call to learn more. I was really interested, but still, it took a year for me to pull the trigger.

The cost looked daunting at first, but now that I’ve experienced what Parsley Health can do, it’s really not. And it’s your health. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent and it’s actually cheap for the best medical care.

A different approach to healing

Before I even went to my first appointment, I completed a questionnaire for my doctor that was so thorough. And when I saw my doctor she had so many questions and pinpointed some key areas in my questionnaire. I actually got choked up because nobody has ever cared like that before.

When my blood tests came back, I found out my mercury levels were high, which no other doctor would have found because they never tested for it. Dr. Palma explained that high mercury is a big deal, as it can go into your brain and is even linked with depression. I just completed a heavy metal detox and I’m starting to feel human again!

Working with my health coach Kelly, has also been great. She has given me little tweaks I never would have thought of to help me with my nutrition and sleep.

Happier, more energized, and grateful

I’ve noticed I’m leaner, though I still eat the same amount of food, it’s just better food. I don’t even think about it all that much, I just feel like I have so much more energy. I have 3 kids and I feel like I have their energy level, which is great because they love to play.

And another thing, I recently emailed Dr. Palma about something and she emailed me back and just having her words and her care—I just wanted to give her a big fat hug. I was like, “Thank you. I already feel better.” There’s an emotional aspect to health too.

Looking forward

It’s been a year now since I started at Parsley and I signed up to continue my membership for another year—I’m super excited. I want to keep going and keep my health steady. I’d like a touch more energy, but I think that’s going to come from an emotional standpoint. I’m also planning to bring my 5 year-old in for Parsley’s Pediatrics Founding Membership .

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