12 Gifts For The Well-Being Seekers In Your Life

Mekita Rivas
November 24, 2021

Is it just us, or was 2021 yet another blur of chaos? No, seriously, where did the year go? If you’re feeling more overwhelmed than inspired by gift giving this year, never fear—we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, searching high and low for presents that will help the people on your list destress and even improve their health. Whether your giftee is struggling to fall asleep or they need a way to decompress at the end of the day, we’ve found something for everyone (including you!).

For the well-being seeker who wants to upgrade their activity tracking

Gift them: Oura Ring

An activity tracker that doubles as a chic accessory? It may seem too good to be true, but Oura manages to deliver on both fronts. This stylish ring keeps tabs on your body temp, sleep cycle, heart rate, and other data reflective of your overall health. You’re empowered to always understand what your body needs at any given moment.

For the well-being seeker who geeks out over body metrics

Gift them: Levels

Your glucose level plays a key role in your metabolism , which affects your sleep, appetite, energy, and more. With a continuous glucose monitor, you get real-time insights that can help you fine-tune your nutrition plan, enhance your exercise routine, and just generally live your best life.

For the well-being seeker who’d like to purify their air and space

Gift them: Molekule

Air quality within your home impacts your ability to focus, sleep, and feel comfortable in your space. This mini air purifier is tiny, but it packs a serious punch with a 360-degree air intake that cleanses the air around you from every angle. Using innovative PECO technology, this purifier breaks down pollutants at a molecular level, including viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, and chemicals. According to the brand’s own research, it destroys more than 99% of SARS-CoV-2, the Covid-19 virus, in one hour.

For the well-being seeker who wants to finally feel better

Gift them: A Parsley membership plus supplements

Health is the greatest gift of all, making a Parsley membership a truly thoughtful present for anyone this season—especially if it’s someone who’s been suffering chronic inflammation, digestive problems, or other ongoing health issues. A 12-month membership offers the personalized support they need from a team of clinicians and health coaches to heal from the inside out.

For the well-being seeker who craves endless workout variety

Gift them: Obé

With obé, you get 20 daily live workouts, plus more than 6,000 on-demand workouts available at your fingertips. There are also pre-tailored programs for every fitness personality—from yoga deep dives to postnatal recovery.

For the well-being seeker who’s a diehard plant parent

Gift them: The Sill

Plants are instant mood boosters that also improve your environment. NASA research has shown that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours. Other studies have revealed that indoor plants affect concentration and productivity , all while lowering stress levels. With so many benefits to living that #plantparent life, gifting a plant is thoughtful in more ways than one. At The Sill, you can shop for everything green—from pet-friendly plants to seasonal favorites .

For the well-being seeker who appreciates an aromatic space

Gift them: Vitruvi

Shopping for someone who’s got the nose of an expert sommelier? They’ll love this cordless diffuser that adds an aromatic element to any room. Instead of traditional home scenting products that operate with artificial and synthetic fragrances—which can be harmful to breathe every day—Vitruvi uses non-toxic, 100% pure essential oils.

For the wellbeing seeker who needs sleep when they travel

Gift them: Yogasleep

This compact sound machine will be their new fave travel companion. With six soundtracks to choose from, you can find a peaceful, soothing vibe that works for everyone. It’s super lightweight and doubles as a nightlight, ensuring that even the most jet-lagged person secures a good night’s sleep.

For the well-being seeker who’s got some tension to work out

Gift them: TriggerPoint

This tiny-but-mighty massage ball breaks up adhesions and stimulates blood flow, which restores movement when you’re feeling stiff and tense. And because of its size, it makes for the ideal stocking stuffer.

For the well-being seeker who desires to be more introspective

Gift them: Inside Then Out

Like any habit, getting into the regular practice of journaling takes time and patience. It helps to have a tool to guide you through the process. With 365 prompts that encourage you to jot down some thoughts, before you know it, you’ll have a year’s worth of reflections all collected in one singular place.

For the well-being seeker who’s looking to moderate alcohol consumption

Gift them: Recess

The right libation goes a long way, but sometimes you’d rather skip the alcohol altogether. This zero-proof drink is a refreshment that feels like a treat, but won’t leave you with that icky hangover feeling the morning after. Gift a friend a subscription so their fridge is always stocked up.

For the well-being seeker who thrives off sunlight

Gift them: Verilux

When the days are short and the nights are oh-so dark, a lamp that mimics sunlight makes all the difference. Studies show that not getting enough exposure to daylight can affect your sleep quality and overall mood . This light is small and compact, so it easily fits in any space. Your friends who live for summertime (or who suffer from SAD) will appreciate this considerate gift.

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