The App That Helps You Understand Your Fertility and Hormones

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February 1, 2017

We are excited to introduce you to Parsley Health friend and partner Alisa Vitti, the author of WomanCode, founder of the hormone balancing center for women, and a first-time mom with a passion for helping women balance their hormones and beat infertility.

At Parsley Health we believe that knowledge about what is happening with your body is always a good thing. “We take a holistic approach to fertility , which means we focus on optimizing your body’s overall health before you want to get pregnant,” says Parsley Health founder and CEO Dr. Robin Berzin. “Think of your pre-fertility year as an amazing opportunity to improve your overall health and well being.”

Adding an app to the mix is an excellent way to help track your goals.

But so many of the apps are little more than a platform for companies to track data on you—they don’t do anything to help the consumer.

That’s why we’re excited about My FLO , Alissa’s new creation and the first period tracker app that also helps you fix your symptoms.

Your menstrual cycle consists of four phases, and each affects you differently. That means that, each month, there’s a time when:

  • You can communicate more clearly,
  • You are primed to meet new people,
  • You are much more detail oriented,
  • And yes, a time when you are most likely to attract a romantic partner.

This is the ultimate woman’s hack. Tracking your cycle and symptoms with this app will help you become the most productive and powerful you. It helps you optimize each week so you can do more with less stress.

MyFLO takes the guesswork out of knowing where you are in your cycle. It helps you understand the symptoms you experience each week. Most importantly, it gives you the symptom-specific, food-based solution you need to improve your cycle.

Instead of suffering through your period month after month, MyFLO will help you focus on the strengths of each phase. You’ll have an improved cycle by next month!

MyFLO puts the power back in your hands. It will help you tap into your innate cyclical nature as a woman. Check it out here.

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