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Aubre Weber

Doctor • New York

Dr. Aubre Weber, DO is a board-certified physician in the three areas of: Internal Medicine, Obesity/Metabolic Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine. She is also studied in Functional Medicine through the IFM. She has been practicing medicine for 8 years and has been in the medical field for over 16 years. She is passionate about how to promote health and wellness in our lives, using the best resources we have available, state of the art medical treatment, paired with non-traditional medicine. This desire led her to achieve a DO degree to practice osteopathic medicine, which is centered around a holistic view of medicine to find the best wellness plan.

Dr. Weber has two daughters with special needs, which has amplified her passion to hold a deep understanding of complex disease, the discovery and detective process as to why disease happens, and how to address the root cause. This ideology became a key founding principal in her studies and daily practice. With extensive experience in internal medicine and critical care of sick and healthy patients, Dr. Weber believes in connecting with others to integrate shared knowledge, provide key clinical learnings, and create an open dialogue for those in the medicine field.  This is how she found Parsley Health. In addition, she founded and moderates the largest online lifestyle medicine group for women physicians, which Dr. Weber has seen blossom into an excellent resource for her and many other physicians around the world. Dr. Weber also has and continues to spend time teaching attending physicians, residents, medical students and other advanced practitioners in the importance of an integrated medical practice and how lifestyle along with a combination of genetics are at the root cause of most disease processes and therefore must be a critical focus for healing and thriving.

Patients appreciate Dr. Weber for being a proclaimed “digger.” She believes there’s great importance in using a shared lens for both traditional and non-traditional medicine. With that shared focus, she has a special interest in metabolic medicine/weight maintenance and loss, lifestyle as medicine, epigenetics and nutrigenomics, food allergies and non-IgE mediated gut hypersensitivities and the interplay with leaky gut, the chronic immune/inflammatory response along with mitochondrial dysfunction and how this pertains to chronic disease, the stress response and how it relates to the adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone disruption, self-care for parents, the biology of aging, and overuse of food, tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

In Dr. Weber’s spare time, she continues her lifelong curiosity towards healthier living frequently looking into new and cutting-edge evidence in therapeutics and lifestyle changes to promote healthy genetic expression. Dr. Weber lives in Connecticut with her husband, two little girls, and beloved bulldog.

Interests: Lifestyle medicine, obesity/metabolic medicine, diagnostic and precision medicine, sleep disturbances, biohacking for longevity, nutrition, adaptive and evolutionary health,  genetic and epigenetic medicine, cognitive health, biology of stress, digestive health, mental health, cardiovascular disease, men and women’s health, hormones, and thyroid and adrenal health.

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