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Ruvini Wijetilaka, MD

Ruvini Wijetilaka, MD


Dr. Ruvini Wijetilaka is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with a passion for fitness, sports nutrition, and wellness. She did her undergraduate degree at Boston University, and then completed her internal medicine training at Drexel University College of Medicine. Prior to joining Parsley, she worked at an internal medicine outpatient clinic and was a hospitalist at Jefferson Medical University in Philadelphia.

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About Ruvini Wijetilaka, MD

Clinical Expertise

Health optimization for athletes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic health, obesity and weight management, digestive/gut health, mental health, biohacking for longevity/anti-aging, peptide therapy

Board-certified Internal Medicine Physician, Institute for Functional Medicine Practitioner
What I love about Parsley Health
I love the preventative approach to healthcare and getting to the root cause of issues, as opposed to putting a bandaid over them by just addressing symptoms.
Training Institutions
Drexel University College of Medicine, Boston University, Institute for Functional Medicine
Previous Positions
Internal Medicine private practice; Hospital Medicine at Jefferson University in Philadelphia
What I’m most excited to bring to Parsley Health members
By using the data and knowledge of functional and internal medicine, I am excited to guide and empower my patients to become experts of their own health. My goal is for my patients to lead optimized lives.
Ask me about
New medical and fitness trends. I like to decipher which ones are credible and which ones aren’t. Additionally, I’m a big believer in community. Having the connection a good set of genuine friends provides while living in any big city (especially NYC) has been proven to promote longevity and happiness.
Most likely to find me
At a health/wellness event or at a fitness class such as Barry’s Bootcamp, Akin’s Army, Solidcore, SLT, SoulCycle, YogaSpark, and many more!
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need health insurance if I have a Parsley Health membership?

A Parsley Health membership does not replace health insurance. We advise all members to maintain a separate health insurance plan of their choosing. For blood work, insurance frequently offers full coverage. Please also note that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) includes a requirement that all U.S. citizens purchase health insurance. A Parsley Health membership does not meet this requirement.

Is Parsley Health covered by insurance?

We are not in-network with insurance plans at this time, but you can use out-of-network benefits to pay for your membership. Members with out-of-network coverage are typically reimbursed for 40-70% of the membership cost.

Many members use their FSA/HSA to pay for membership fees, specialty tests, and supplements. If you need any extra documentation, remember we’re always just a message away. Unsure about the process? We can walk you through it.

Can Parsley Health be my primary care physician?

Parsley Health’s world-class physicians are trained in primary care specialties like family medicine and internal medicine, however we recommend our members maintain a primary care physician for things like vaccinations and strep or flu testing, which we do not perform here at Parsley Health.

We recommend female patients also maintain an OBGYN for regular pap smears. Your Parsley Health doctor will remind you of important age-related screenings you should get like colonoscopies or mammograms. We are not available for urgent appointments.

If you have a medical emergency, we recommend that you visit urgent care or an ER. Click here for more information about urgent appointment needs.

Is testing included in my membership fee? What costs can I expect to see?

Your doctor will work with you to customize testing orders based on your health needs and personal preferences. Costs for blood work and specialty tests are not included in the membership price. Blood work is usually covered by insurance. Specialty tests range in cost from $100 - $350. These tests, however, are completely optional.

What types of diagnostic testing does Parsley Health perform?

We offer both standard blood work and in-depth specialty testing to help construct a comprehensive picture of your health and better inform treatment. A personalized testing plan will be recommended by your doctor. Some of our most frequently prescribed specialty tests assess allergies, cortisol, genetics and microbiome health.

What is included with my plan?

Doctor’s visit(s), health coaching visit(s), unlimited messaging (annual membership only) with your care team through an online patient portal, and access to prescriptions and supplements.

In addition to our services, you’ll have access to online scheduling and billing, our online supplement store (discounted price for members), and exclusive access to deals from our wellness partners - our favorite places to sweat, stretch, zen, and shop!

Heal your body from the inside out. Talk to a Parsley advisor to learn how holistic medicine can help you.