Reminder: Steer clear of BPA. Here’s how it’s damaging your bod.

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February 17, 2016

Research on the detrimental effects of Bisphenol-A, found in most plastics, keeps mounting. Next time you’re asked “Would you like your receipt?” Say thanks but no thanks.

BPA is a toxic industrial chemical that has been used to make plastics and resins since the ‘60’s. It’s found in plastic wraps, cups, water bottles, containers, the inside of cans, plastics marked with recycle code 3 or 7, and even on receipts!

Here are 3 major ways it’s wreaking havoc on you:

1. Increasing your Blood Pressure + your risk for heart disease: Recent research shows that there is a huge increase in urinary bisphenol-A (BPA) excretion and a relatively rapid increase in blood pressure, simply in response to drinking a single beverage from a can. High blood pressure causes an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

2. Mimicking your Estrogen + messing with everything: BPA is a potent estrogen mimicker, which means it’s a chemical that looks enough like real estrogen to fool our bodies into making hormonal changes (medically this is called an endocrine disruptor). In women, excess estrogen can lead to troublesome PMS, PCOS , increased depression, higher body fat, and a higher risk of breast cancer.

NO thanks.

In men, it can encourage muscle loss, abdominal weight gain , lower sex drive, and prostate problems. Excessive estrogen increases the risk of cancer, heart attack, and stroke, it can impair immune and thyroid function and increase inflammation .

3. Making you infertile: Being an endocrine disruptor, BPA can lead to infertility. In a study conducted on human eggs, it was shown that BPA disrupts egg maturation – as the level of BPA increased, maturation of the eggs decreased. A male animal study demonstrated that higher concentrations of BPA reduce sperm count, motility and fertilizing capability.

Unfortunately, BPA free cans and plastics are often lined with other chemical substitutes like bisphenol S and F which have been shown to have the same amount of negative health effects as bisphenol A.

The solution? Work with a health coach who can help you create a plan to eat clean and choose safe packaged products or, if you would prefer to DIY, look for products packaged in glass and paper containers. Store your own leftovers and drinks in glass or stainless steel. Always pass on the physical receipt and opt for the email version instead, good for you and mama nature!

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