What We Pack: Your Healthiest Ever Beach Bag – From Clean Eating to Non-Toxic Sun Lotion

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July 13, 2016

“Do you have any tips for clean eating at picnics and on beach days?”

“How do you stay healthy on the weekend?”

“What are your go-to clean eating snacks?”

As Health Coaches at a high-tech holistic medical practice, we get asked about the way we eat and live all the time.

Last week we told you how to avoid getting bloated for a lighter, sexier summer. If bloating is something you struggle with, let’s talk about it and get to the bottom of it ASAP. There are several potential reasons why you feel like crap after you eat – food sensitivity, low enzyme output, low stomach acid, gut dysbiosis – we won’t know until we talk and take a deeper look .

Today, we’re giving you a round-up of “What Would My Coach Do?” and helping you pack your summer day bag:

1. What’s your current clean eating grab-and-go snack?

Lily: Homemade guacamole on Mary’s Gone Crackers (Superseed)

Jennifer: Apple slices and unsweetened sunflower seed butter.

Jackie: Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds . Or just a bunch of raw cashews!

Klara: Beetroot hummus (the one from Campbell’s Cheese & Grocery) with mini cucumbers and GF organic tortilla chips.

2. Favorite packed lunch for clean eating?

Lily: Brown rice wraps filled with sliced raw vegetables and avocado, kale salads, watermelon.

Jennifer: Roasted carrot, fennel, and black lentil salad with harissa + Anita’s yoghurt.

Jackie: Quinoa salad with tomatoes, basil, scallions + shallot lemon vinagrette.

Klara: I make GF sandwiches at home with egg, bacon, avocado and hot sauce. There’s something deeply nostalgic and familiar about unwrapping a sandwich on the beach after a swim.

3. What sunscreen are you using this summer?

Lily: Beautycounter’s All Over Sunscreen SPF 30

Jennifer: Pratima’s Neem Vetiver SPF 30.

Jackie: Keys Solar Rx Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF30

Klara: Raw Elements Eco Formula from our girls at CAP.

4. What’s the thing you always bring?

Lily: SPF lip balm, Piperwai deodorant, and a magazine.

Jennifer: Homemade rose water spray (recipe below!)

Jackie: Water with ice in a thermos!

Klara: My Canon. It’s a non-phone camera (remember those?). There’s so much happiness to capture at the beach. I love finding old photos of my parents, grandparents or any loved one on the beach, but they’re a rare sighting. I want endless albums full of our youthful, blissful beach days.

5. What’s Jennifer’s rose water recipe?

  • Rinse organic rose petals with cool water to wash away any residue and place in a large sauce pan. Fill the pan with just enough distilled water to cover the rose petals.
  • Cover with a lid and simmer until the rose petals lost their color. Once the petals lose their color, drain the liquid into a heat safe jar. Allow to cool, then cover and store in a cool place.
  • This is great to use to as a skin refresher = just give your face a spritz when you need a pick me up.

Into making your own clean and safe skincare products? Check out these recipes for toxin-free bug spray, moisturizer, sunscreen and toothpaste !

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