Doctor’s offices are terrifying. This one is designed to calm your nerves

Katharine Schwab for Fast Company
January 31, 2018

Primary care startup Parsley Health designed its new clinic in New York City around the healing principles of biophilia.

At first glance, the new clinic of the primary care startup Parsley Health looks nothing like a doctor’s office. There’s a plant wall over the receptionist’s desk. There’s a kitchen in the waiting area, stocked with kombucha, coconut yogurt, and snacks like lotus seed puffs and turmeric plant bites. There are comfy couches and a long table that makes the lounge seem more like a cool Brooklyn cafe or a coworking space than a place where you’d get a vaccination.

This space, located on the second floor of a Fifth Avenue address, isn’t just a trendy spot for wellness obsessives–though it certainly looks the part. The clinic was designed by architect Alda Ly and interior designers Hilko Designs, and it’s conceptualized to provide a healthy way of life for the company’s members from the moment they walk in the door. Ly and Parsley’s head of design Day Jimenez worked together to incorporate biophilia, a design approach that uses natural elements to improve mental and physical wellbeing, into the office, from the meditation nook to the rooms where patients see their primary care doctor.

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Katharine Schwab for Fast Company
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