Life Lessons From an Oprah-Approved Wellness Guru

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August 17, 2016

Latham Thomas is a wellness guru, a celebrity doula, a best-selling author , and has been knighted as one of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 —a list of “awakened leaders who are using their voices and talent to elevate humanity.”

She also happens to be one of the kindest humans you’ve ever met and a dear friend of Parsley Health .

Latham is leading a revolution in radical self-care, spiritual growth and helping women embrace optimal wellness as a pathway to empowerment. She also says “Support is critical”, which we couldn’t agree with more!

Here are 7 quick questions we asked Latham for our Woman Up series, a collection of inspiring femmes that live large, work hard, fall often and always get back up.

1.What did you have to unlearn to get to where you are?

I had to learn that the path is not meant to be traveled alone. Support is critical, especially in my business.

2. We wanna work out with you today, where are you taking us?

I have three ideas—Shaolin Kung Fu at the USA Shaolin temple, Nicole Windhoffer’s NW Method or Mama Glow YOGA in Tribeca.

3. What’s your hack for getting back on track when things have completely derailed? (after a vacation or an indulgent weekend or deadline)

I like to do a day of just green juices and salads when I get home from traveling. I always pack my own snacks to bring with me on the go in case I am in a place with sparse options. I research the juice bars and restaurants in the cities I travel to so I have a meal itinerary lined up when I arrive. Sometimes I send out a tweet “what’s the best vegan place in Austin”, for instance, and my followers also give me options.

4. What habit are you currently trying to kick?

Being late … simply arriving on time.

5. On the other hand, how are you killing it in life right now?

Killing? I’m not killing anything, I’m breathing life into everything I do, everything I touch. Speaking blessing onto all of my endeavors. I was just listed in Oprah’s Super Soul 100 a list that includes thought leaders that are committed to elevating humanity through their work. This fall we’re looking forward to welcoming a new batch of teacher trainees through our Mama Glow Prenatal Yoga Program. I want to touch more lives, more wombs.

6. If you went to a deserted island and could take a truckload of only one type of food / snack/ drink , what would it be?

Water- an island is surrounded by sea water but, does a deserted island have its own supply of spring water? Probably not…so that’s my drink of choice. Maybe avocado for food…

7. What do you do to remind yourself that things are gonna be ok?

I just reconnect with the presence of God inside of me. I remind myself that I am divinely supported, blessed and highly favored and that with faith, everything is gonna be alright.

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