How I Beat Daily Hive Outbreaks

Danica Trapara, Care Manager
Care Manager
November 3, 2017

I started experiencing a personal health crisis, and as someone who studies, works and lives in the healthcare world, this completely knocked me off my feet.

When we saw what Ashley Koch  posted to her private mom group on Facebook, we just had to share it with our community.

As a mom of 2 and a family nutrition advocate based in SF, Ashley is the epitome of health and wellness. However, even healthy people have to deal with setbacks, and Ashley found herself dealing with mysterious daily hive outbreaks. She visited multiple doctors and was simply told to take medication until they went away with no investigation into the root cause.

Here’s what Ashley shared with her group about her incredible health transformation:

I hope this inspires one or two of you to take better care of yourself.

In January 2017, I started experiencing a personal health crisis. Which sort of knocked me off my feet as someone who studies, works and lives in the healthcare world. It wasn’t entirely surprising as us mamas are under so much stress caring for our families, we rarely have time to take care of ourselves.

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I saw so many doctors who prescribed a lot of medications and received little relief from my issues and symptoms. Multiple specialists told me there were no solutions for my problems, just endless rounds of medication to manage symptoms. I was grateful for the drugs that provided temporary relief but I could not imagine them being my only longterm solution.

I study functional medicine and nutrition, so it is no surprise I prefer integrative, functional and holistic doctors. Although, most of the options in this city are incredibly expensive for this quality of care.

I decided to give Parsley Health a try as they offer the type of care in a much more cost-effective way. You pay a monthly fee and your first few appointments are 60-75 minutes of undivided attention from the doctor. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Dr. Tiffany Lester at Parsley Health. I also love that along with a doctor, Parsley offers coaching sessions with a nutritionist or health coach without additional fees. This helped me achieve the goals laid out by my doctor. I also love that I can email my doctor anytime and actually get a response.

After 6 months of making time for myself, doing the work, further testing, a diagnosis, and partnering with a great doctor … I am finally drug-free and on the mend. Aside from the symptoms that drove me to her, I have also ditched the endless brain fog , fatigue , and chronic infections. I have found small ways to prioritize reducing stress and I realized what a profound impact it had on my health.

If you are also dealing with chronic colds, chronic infections, brain fog, fatigue, bloating , digestion issues, hot flashes, reoccurring infections, anxiety , or irregular cycles…I highly recommend working with Parsley Health.

This is my PSA to you. Put your life mask on, you are worth it. Whatever direction of care or personal practices you believe in, don’t hesitate to make time for yourself.

Danica Trapara, Care Manager
Care Manager
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