Health Coaches Make a Big Difference at Parsley Health

March 29, 2017

“Why should I work with a health coach again?” We often hear this from new members when they do their initial intake with their Parsley Health doctor. While some members come to us because they heard we offered extensive health coaching as part of their membership, many of our patients have never worked with a health coach before.

So, of course, there are questions. What does my health coach do? Are they like a nurse? How often do I see them?

At Parsley Health we believe in utilizing a team of certified and incredibly qualified health coaches to assist our patients in determining what is wrong with them and helping them to meet their health goals. They get to know you and your lifestyle and find ways for you to making changes that work within the context of your life. They support you in implementing the protocol that doctor is recommending for you.

Our health coaches use a toolbox of essential questions to dive deeper into understanding the root cause of a patient’s concerns. It’s these questions that help bring to surface the necessary information the entire medical team needs in order to curate a treatment plan.

But, the best way to explain what they do is to let them tell you in their own words.

Jackie Damboragian , Health Coach, New York

We work as a detective by your side, to note how changes are working for you or not working and adjust from there. We get to know you and your lifestyle and find ways for you to making changes that work within the context of your life. We provide you with tools, resources, support and accountability as you work to reach your goals. Ultimately, our goal is to empower our members with the knowledge they need for sustainable wellness, which looks different for everyone.

For example, we won’t force you to cook, but can help you learn how to make healthy choices when eating out and on the go.

Samara Zelniker, Health Coach, San Francisco

We hold you accountable in implementing healthy choices and give you resources that support your health and wellness goals.

Following the Parsley doctors’ protocols, we take all of your health concerns into account and together come up with an individualized plan that works for you and your lifestyle on a bi-monthly basis. We are there to support you in executing that plan every step of the way.

We help you understand the what and why behind your food choices and provide you with the knowledge and education to make smart choices on your own.

Brittany Forman, Health Coach, San Francisco

At Parsley Health, we know that each patient’s body and lifestyle are unique so there is no one size fits all approach— your health coach is a dynamic player on your team of health professionals, your go-to person for all things health and wellness. From mindfulness practices, protocol clarification, movement, to the foods you’re putting into your body— whatever your situation, your health coach’s goal is to provide solutions so you can do things better than you did before.

Your health coach’s role is designed for you to continue to heal and make progress. Partnering with a health coach helps eliminate limitations that existed before. Don’t cook? No problem, your health coach will provide the tools you need to eat well without going in your kitchen. Whether you’re working on improved thyroid function, fertility , autoimmunity, or digestive issues, your coach will provide action items at each meetings to bring you closer to reaching an optimal state of health.

The Parsley Health coach breaks through the noise of the different recommendations you read on a daily basis— to help you choose foods that are right for YOUR particular system. For example, if you’re struggling with SIBO , prebiotic foods will only make bloating and gas worse.

Alyson Roux, Health Coach, Los Angeles

We are behavior change experts. We guide members to solidify the most supportive food, stress management, and sleep behaviors they can achieve, in a customized, entirely personal way for permanent, welcomed change.

Eating healthy, meditating, and exercising are wonderful supportive action steps that likely every incoming member knows they “should” be doing; we turn “should” into “doing,” and we make it fun and maintainable.

Your motivation to get started is enough. Let us take care of strategizing about the logistics.

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