Meet The Parsley LA Founding Team Helping to Create the New Primary Care of Our Generation

August 7, 2016

It’s a BIG month. We’ve seen the DNC and the RNC go down. The opening of the Summer Olympic Games. And for many of us – myself included – well deserved vacation awaits. (Chile recs anyone?!)

It’s a pretty huge month for Parsley too. Many of you have asked – why LA? It’s a great question. And it comes down to people – because wherever you go in life, people make the place.

Since starting Parsley I have dreamed of a network of incredible physicians and health coaches uniting to provide a higher level of holistic health care than has been seen anywhere before. The old primary care is sterile and overly focused on quick fixes like drugs. Holistic medicine is low tech, hippied out and fragmented. My vision for Parsley is that we change all of that and create the new primary care for our generation.

But to do that we need the best people and in LA we have found them. Dr. Jeffrey Egler embodies Parsley. Intelligent, experienced, passionate about health and wellness, and also a super cool young dad you want to hang out with on the weekend, he is the medical director we have been waiting for.

Tina Paymaster, our lead LA health coach and community director, brings a confidence, poise, and caring that compliment her extensive knowledge of behavior change that is a rare find.

Aisha Ross, our office manager, is a UCLA grad and future physician who brings an articulate voice, supportive disposition and high level attention to detail to running the behind the scenes of any organization.

But these excellent individuals not only embody the future of health care, they are the founding team of Parsley LA and in finding them I knew we had something good on our hands.

Then there is the LA community. Our NYC team has strong ties to LA – a place where everyone lives and breathes wellness on the next level and has a thing or two to teach us concrete jungle dwellers. We knew our LA friends and family would not only get it – they would lead the charge for a new kind of health care.

We continue to grow in New York – welcoming the fantastic Dr. Soyona Rafatjah MD this month, who comes to us from Continuum Center for Health and Healing. We continue to be 10 steps ahead of anyone in health care – stay tuned for news of our new proprietary longevity testing panel.

And we continue to live by our values – which are to be bold, authentic, practical and kind – in all that we do. (I’ll throw data driven in there too because I’m the official nerd.)

It’s a big month. And for just a few more weeks you can join Parsley LA as a Founding Member – that’s 40% off our regular membership. It’s only available to the first few people who sign up. And it’s not only a steal for the level of care we offer, it’s a chance for you to stand for a new way forward in health care.

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