Parsley Health Cured My Brain Fog and Gave Me My Health Back

Parsley Health
August 3, 2017

Once a week we hear from real Parsley Health members, in their own words, about how working with us has changed their lives. This week we’re talking to Adam, a 29-year-old cellerman from Newburgh, New York. This is his story:

All my life I have struggled with brain fog , attention deficit disorder, and learning disabilities; it seemed as though my brain was broken and not working as it should. I tried medication for my ADD, but had no success. Then, a few years ago I developed stomach issues, panic attacks, and anxiety . I was told to go on a cleanse for my stomach problems, but that only helped temporarily.

I knew I needed a different approach to my health, one that would look at my whole life rather than segment out my symptoms. My cousin recommended Parsley Health and it seemed like the perfect fit.

Right away I could tell that Parsley Health was different. Before I even stepped through the door, I completed an extensive questionnaire which covered everything from past medications, diet and exercise, to mood swings. At my first appointment, Dr. Soyona Rafatjah spent over an hour with me, learning about my history, current symptoms and lifestyle. Before Parsley Health, no doctor had ever asked these questions or spent so much time with me.

After extensive blood work, I learned that I had candida and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) which had caused problems that went all the way back to my childhood. As I had suspected, my stomach and brain issues were all related. Dr. Rafatjah recommended a gut healing diet, meditation , exercise and supplements .

Today, I feel so much better. I am no longer constantly tired, bloated, or constipated and have more focus. Even my acne went away! Now I know what foods to avoid and that if I eat too much sugar or caffeine, my anxiety will worsen. I’m not always perfect but when I get off track I have the support and help of my health coach. Parsley Health is a process, not a quick fix. As a patient, I now have the tools and knowledge I need to be healthy.

Parsley Health

At Parsley Health, we offer advanced functional medicine, diagnostic testing, whole body treatments and a lasting relationship designed to address the root cause of many modern ailments.

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