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I’m Symptom-Free from Fibromyalgia After Years of Suffering

Kim dealt with the debilitating effects of fibromyalgia for eight years. Hear about her inspiring road to recovery with Parsley Health. Parsley Health member Kim Sexton is a wife and mom of two adu...

Every Important Thyroid Function Test You Need, Explained

Take a glance at your last round of blood work—did it include a thyroid function test that looked at your thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)? If it did, chances are that was the extent of the atten...

Gretchen Lidicker
The Most Underappreciated Organ You’re Not Thinking About

Thyroid conditions frequently go undiagnosed and when they are found, they’re typically treated with prescription drugs. Here, find out how to identify if you might have a thyroid problem and hypoth...

Carly Graf
Parasites Aren’t That Uncommon—Do You Have One?

If the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you hear the word “parasite,” you’re not alone. The media tends to push stories about giant worms being discovered in patients with mysterious sym...

Boost Your Thyroid Health with These Key Nutrients

Iodine levels play a big role in making sure your thyroid functions properly. Here are some ways to boost your iodine and your thyroid health through nutrition. Iodine is not that common in many fo...

Are Your Hormones Making You Gain Weight?

Have you tried everything and are still struggling to get rid of belly bulge? It turns out your hormones may be the answer. Find out why a hormonal imbalance can cause you to hold onto fat in unexpe...

The Trending Diet Our Doctors Love

Move over keto, the pegan diet is here—and we hope it’s here to stay. Unlike most fad diets, the pegan diet ties together the scientifically researched strengths from two of the most popular dietary...

How to Meal Prep And Healthy Batch Cooking Tips to Get You Started

Prepping ingredients and even full meals ahead of time for the week ahead can be game-changing. Here, a health coach shares her tips and tricks for making meal prep easy. Whether you’re a busy prof...

Parsley Health Has Helped Me Manage My Anxiety

Jill knew what she needed to do to start managing her health better, but actually doing it was another story. Parsley Health gave her the support she needed to start achieving her health goals. Par...

Is it OK to Cheat on My Diet During the Holidays?

Heading into the holidays, so many members at Parsley Health ask me the same question:  Is it OK to cheat on my diet? My healthy holiday tips will help you get through the season and stay sane aroun...

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