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Does chocolate make you feel a little crazy? Can’t quit cheese? Is one potato chip never enough?  Do you believe that if you just had a little more self control or willpower, it would solve all of your food issues? It wouldn’t.  The solution has nothing to do with willpower, no amount of self-control is going to … Read More


Everyone is talking about dairy these days? Should you eat it? Shouldn’t you eat it? Is cheese really dairy? All cheese, even if it comes from a goat? Has dairy become the new diet devil? There’s a lot of confusion surrounding why you should or shouldn’t keep dairy in your diet. Dairy is one of the things people … Read More


Parsley Health founder and CEO Dr. Robin Berzin was interviewed this week for a piece on about what diet will supercharge your gut. Why is your gut health so important?  In the past ten years, a boon of research has yielded connections between the health of your gut and maladies such as obesity, diabetes, liver … Read More

Plant-Based Diet Tricks

While we’re not big on diets in the traditional sense, we do talk about one type of diet quite a bit: the plant-based diet, arguably the best diet of all. And while obsessing over food certainly isn’t our style, we do adhere to the belief that food is important — really important. After all, we … Read More

Food addiction obsession

One of the statements I hear most frequently from Parsley Health members and private clients is: “I’m addicted to carbs, chocolate… (insert your vice of choice). I just can’t control myself when it’s around.” This is almost always followed by a question: “Do you have any tips that can help me stop feeling so crazy … Read More

How to stop a cold
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The warm weather and long days of Summer are slowly coming to a close as we transition into Fall. With that comes cooler temperatures and the dreaded cold and flu season. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the typical adult gets 2-3 colds a year, which can translate into a lot of sick … Read More


Sugar is addictive. It’s also destructive for your short and longterm health. Our doctors and health coaches work with patients every day to help them quit sugar altogether or cut back significantly. But we know it isn’t easy. How many of your friends are doing a “sugar-free January” in celebration of the new year? We’ve never … Read More

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Making delicious healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, keeping things simple is actually much better for your health. While throwing every new superfood into your morning smoothie or afternoon salad might seem like a super ‘healthy’ idea, it’s often not as powerful as we’re lead to believe. Breaking down so many different … Read More

turmeric remedies

Raise your hand if you’ve asked the Internet what to do about your hangover. We’ve all been there. We’ve all vowed to start a detox right away. When you feel like nothing can save you, there are a few things that actually can.Here are 5 tried, tested and doctor-recommended hangover cures: 1. Ingest Protein The mistake … Read More

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There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to shoes, coffee orders, or 21st century health care. Too much of something for one person might be just right for the next – what works for me might be bad news for you, and tomorrow it could all flip the other way around and then … Read More

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